FYI:                                                     BILO is holding a job fair:

April 21st


95 Matthews Drive Hilton Head, SC.

You can also apply online at

Available positions include:

Market Manager/Meat Cutters           Produce Clerks

Cashiers/Courtesy Clerks                     Deli/Bakery and Grocery Stock Clerks

Cake Decorators                                      Grocery Stockers

Salaried Managers.

Must be willing to work nights/weekends/holidays

Feedback Please!

As we plan and pray for the next school year, I am interested to know your thoughts on the monthly fellowships.

Were they a help/encouragement to you? Did you like the focus on encouragement rather then “training”? Is there anything you would like discussed/addressed in a fellowship? Was the day of week/time convenient? Did lack of childcare keep you from attending?

Please send any and all comments to

Thanks for your input! Claudia Gay

Come Thursday Night 5:30-7:00 – Meet Det Bowers

From Charlotte -

Come to a meet and greet for Det Bowers!

Det is running for Lindsey Graham’s Senate seat  The 2014 United States Senate election in South Carolina will take place on November 4, 2014.  South Carolina will also hold a special Senate election on the same date for the other Senate seat. The primary elections will be held on June 10, 2014. If no candidate in a primary wins more than 50% of the vote, a runoff will be held between the top two candidates on June 24, 2014.

Mr. Bowers is a true Lowcountry local, and a believer. He was a pastor in Columbia for many years. Come meet him and see if he is the candidate for you, and let your friends know about this opportunity - 

When:  Thursday April 17th – 5:30-7:00

Where: 706 Craven Street (next to library)

cropped detfamilyDet was born and reared in Estill, South Carolina in the same area where his ancestors settled and fought the British in the American Revolution. Det is married to the former Pauline Wyman (Polly) also of Estill, South Carolina. Their three sons and 5 grandchildren all currently reside in Columbia, South Carolina. Det graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a Government degree from Wofford College, received his Law degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law and his Masters of Divinity from Columbia International University. Det practiced law for nearly 20 years and was involved in real estate development, agribusiness, outdoor advertising and insurance. He has invested the past 20 years in Christian ministry. From

Looking for Teaching Textbooks

From Michelle Thomas

I’m looking for Teaching Texbook 8 (pre Algebra ) Is anyone has it for sale. Thank You!

Michelle Thomas

Twin Bed Needed

From Gina Mercado

Looking for a twin bed with rails. Preferably free to give to a (13 year old) young lady who just had major back surgery. Mother isn’t financial able to meet this need, really need the help. Thank you! Gina Mercado email

No-regret investment in your child’s future! April 23rd to Apr 26th

Come experience a debate tournament first-hand by signing up to judge!keep-calm-and-join-the-debate-team-1

The National Christian Forensic and Communications Association’s Regional Invitational Tournament in Savannah next week Apr 23 to Apr 26 and is a perfect opportunity to see if debate is right for your family.

From Michele Norman -

Here is the link to sign up to judge at next week’s NCFCA Regional Invitational Tournament in Savannah, GA.  You will be seeing the best of our region’s speakers as they seek to qualify to compete at the national tournament this summer.

Please do not feel as if you need to have any special qualifications to be a judge.  As mentioned in class, you will receive trained in how to judge, fill out a ballot, etc.  I may have forgotten to mention that there are snacks for our judges as well!

I know that there are several families in our class considering participating in speech and debate for their children’s high school years.  In my family’s twenty-one years of homeschooling the NCFCA has been the best investment of our time and resources not only for academic purposes but, most importantly, for character building.  The students and parents in this video communicate it far better than I can.

Perhaps you’re not interested in participating in the future.  That’s okay!  You will be blessed by witnessing so many students who can think and communicate for the glory of God.  Please, please come and judge!

Please feel free to call/email me if you have any questions!!

Thanks so much,

Michele Norman


Have you ever wondered why your student should participate in debate? Here are 17 reasons from Homeschool World Magazine -

  1. Debate provides preparation for effective participation in a society with representative government. Our form of civil governance has relied upon debate to empower citizens with greater knowledge and to help spread that knowledge. This allows fellow citizens to more effectively participate in the democratic process.
  2. Debate offers preparation for leadership. The fundamental requirement of all leaders in any position is to provide direction and be able to explain why that direction is needed.
  3. Debate offers training in argumentation. From its earliest beginnings to today, debate has been the best practice for argumentation. As an educational method, it offers short-term and long-term motivations and rewards.
  4. Debate provides for investigation and intensive analysis of significant contemporary problems. While education in general might only touch upon various recent issues, debate topics cover ground students may never discuss and in much greater depth than most curriculums will allow. Some debaters comment that after researching and debating a public policy topic for a year they are now more interested in that topic in general.
  5. Debate helps integrate knowledge. Debate topics are multi-faceted and cut across several disciplines. This allows debaters to gain knowledge from unique disciplines outside the student’s normal academic subjects.
  6. Debate develops proficiency in purposeful inquiry. Often debate topics are on the cutting edge, dealing with new technology and different ideas from the norm of the day. By learning to research and inquire into new sources, debaters find ways of collecting data new to them.
  7. Debate emphasizes quality instruction. Since classical rhetoric was taught in ancient times, argumentation and debate instruction has relied more upon interactive coaching and a closer relationship between coach and student than most other educational settings.
  8. Debate encourages student scholarship. While some parents and students worry that debate might interfere with other education, most report that it enhances their work in general education with better note taking skills, research skills, organization, and presentations. The competition encourages students to pursue their regular course work with vigor and use their full capabilities. David Zarefesky, former associate dean of the School of Speech at Northwestern University, remarked that “debaters gain research skills at a pretty sophisticated level, certainly compared to undergraduates in general… in intensity it is equivalent to working on a masters thesis.” 2
  9. Debate develops the ability to make prompt, analytical responses. Cross-examination demands quick and decisive responses to questions about argumentation made before.
  10. Debate develops critical listening skills. Debaters develop excellent listening skills from their first debate when they learn that they must know their opponent’s arguments as well as their own. Through making accurate and practiced note taking of the “flow” of a debate round, debaters learn to glean and analyze information as they hear it.
  11. Debate develops proficiency in writing. While the greater part of debate is perceived to be speaking in front of people, a good portion is research and preparation of argumentation before ever standing in front of another team or judge. This researching, writing, and arguing ability will carry over to many other fields such as preparing research and background papers and answering essay questions on exams.
  12. Debate encourages mature judgment. Debaters learn the value of suspending judgment until both sides are scrutinized. After debating both sides of an issue for an entire year, debaters know that the complex issues of today have many sides that need to be examined.
  13. Debate develops courage. Most people would rather be in the casket at a funeral than giving the eulogy. It takes discipline, preparation, and a bit of bravery to stand up and defend a position in front of a judge and another team arguing the exact opposite.
  14. Debate encourages effective speech composition and delivery. Debate not only requires work in knowing speech material, but in the presentation of the material. Debaters will present before hostile teams and in front of class.
  15. Debate helps develops social maturity. The business-like atmosphere of a debate tournament coupled with the diversity within the debate community forces debaters to react to various situations. Along with the competitive prospect of losing or winning, debaters learn appropriate manners and proper behavior.
  16. Debate develops computer competencies. Most research by debaters is now done on various types of computer systems. Whether Internet, college library catalogs, or databases, debaters learn how to find, organize, and use the information they collect.
  17. Debate uses students’ skills to their utmost. To argue requires students to: research issues, organize and analyze data, synthesize different kinds of data, evaluate the conclusion drawn from the data, understand how to reason the conclusions, recognize and critique different methods of reason, and comprehend the logic of decision making.



Hope for the Abused Counseling Sessions Available

Thought there may be some people who would be interested in this course. You can attend live or online – charlotte

          2013 Logo - words, long, line, web


HOPE FOR THE ABUSED – Live or Online

(child, sexual, spousal)

Tuesday Evening 6:30pm to 8:30pm – April 15

or receive links online



  • Counseling a Sexually Abused Child
  • Counseling An Adult Victim of Child Sexual Abuse
  • Counseling the Abused Spouse & the Abuser
  • Q & A with Tim

This training will include audio listening links as well as live question and answer. It is designed for pastors, counselors, and lay-people who desire to counsel others effectively, as well as those suffering from abuse. This seminar will also be of great comfort to those who have or are experiencing abuse. We will dig deep into the Scriptures to answer questions like “How do I help those abused know and experience the Sovereign Love of Christ?” , “How do I help them move forward and not be derailed in their life and walk with the Lord?” and “How do I establish a practical biblical plan for helping this not occur again?”


Register Now to Attend or Receive the Links $15


Tim Bryant has a Masters in Biblical Counseling from the Masters College  (John MacArthur, president). He is  certified by ACBC and has over 20 years of experience in pastoral ministry and counseling.  Tim has suffered major crises in his own life that eventually led to digging into the Word for God’s solutions.   It  is out of this life-experience he seeks to help others.  He is director of the  Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center  (LCBCC) in Charleston, SC.



The center is certified by ACBC and offers regular  counselor training to local churches and  counsels the hurting with the unadulterated Wisdom & Word of God in a spirit of humility and compassion.

LCBCC Training Center, 6435 Fain St. North Charleston, SC
FOR QUESTIONS CALL (843)278-0072

Meals for Stacey Horry

From Kelly Erdel -
Dear Friends,
   Stacey Horry is going to be induced on Tuesday. She will be having her sixth child, Noah. I have set up a meal schedule at
 The password is baby6.
If you don’t want to take a hot meal but would like to prepare a freezer meal, that would also be a blessing. Please try to coordinate with someone who is taking a meal to drop that off.
Let’s help our friends as they welcome a new little one into their family.

 Kelly Erdel

Official Transcripts

As the end of the school year approaches, I get many requests for official transcripts. Due to Pastor Carl’s schedule and the general “busyness” of this time of year, please allow 7 days turn around time for all official transcript requests!
Thanks for your help in this!

Reaching Milestones- Autism Therapy


We are an Applied Behavior Analysis therapy provider for families with children diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities.

We would like to invite you and your family to a fun filled open house event! Come tour our new clinic and enjoy a meet and greet with Reaching Milestones therapists.

Snacks will be provided!

There will be fun and games as well as prize giveaways!

When: Saturday April 19th 2014

Where: 17B Marshellen Drive, Beaufort, SC
In Belleview Business Park




We will be holding free parent teaching sessions for anyone who would like to learn more about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and how it can be used to create meaningful and positive changes in the lives of children with autism and other developmental disabilities and their families. During the session we will discuss:
• Defining Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Common characteristics associated with ASD
• Prevalence of ASD
• Identify red flags or early warning signs of Autism
• Review recent research on the treatment for Autism
• Discuss Applied Behavior Analysis
• Explain the ABA treatment process
• Review ABA instructional approaches (DTI, NET, & Social Skills)
• Review Parenting tools for reducing inappropriate behavior

Spaces are limited so please call to reserve a seat!

When: Wednesday April 30th at 9:00am
Thursday May 1st at 5:30pm
Where: 17B Marshellen Drive, Beaufort, SC
In Belleview Business Park

When: Tuesday May 6th at 5:30pm
Where: HealthLink For Children Classroom,
Beaufort Memorial Hospital,
989 Ribaut Road, Beaufort, SC
**For more information or to reserve your seat
please call 843-379-5655




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