Parakeet Available

From Heather Smith -

My neighbor is looking for a good home for her two 6 month old parakeets.  She is giving them away along with their cage.  Please call, text, or email me if you are interested.

Fit Kids Individual Log to Print Out

If your child lost their log – I know one of mine did – click below to get a copy to print at home: fit kids logo



Registration for Homeschool Tigersharks

Click below for the registration form for those interested in the Tigershark Swim Team at Homeschool Friendly Timestigershark

Swim Team Registration Winter 2014-15 Homeschool

Are you interested in having your student swim for the Tigersharks? The YMCA is guaging interest for a homeschool friendly practice time for the Tigersharks.

Nothing develops the skill of swimming like swim team. The Cushman kids have been participating on the Tigersharks since I started homeschooling in 2000. This has been a wonderful thing for our family.

The time slot will be Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays from 1-2 and will focus on fitness and swim team fundamentals. This is a perfect fit for PE for your homeschool.

For more details and to schedule an evaluation contact Coach Heather at 843-694-7913 or or via facebook @ prior to September 22nd swim team start date. 

Homeschool swim team specific info is not up on the Tigershark Website yet, but check out the website for the general info. The pricing will be the same as the development team’s pricing on the website: Members of the homeschool swim team will be eligible to compete in meets if they are members of the YMCA.

Looking for DVD Player

I am looking for a DVD player if anyone has one they want to sell.
Judy Madison

Fit Kids

From Tracy -

Hey everyone,fit kids logo
We had a great time at Fit Kids last week! Our group goal is to travel a total combined distance of 2,903 miles. This is the distance from CBC to the Pacific Ocean. We have a group goal to help encourage everyone to excersise outside of just Wednesday mornings at Fit Kids. There is a small form that was sent home with each child, there are extras outside of Evelyn’s office, that can be used to log the miles. Please turn these forms back in at each Fit Kids Wednesday so that the totals can be added up and tracked to see how fast we can reach our goal. If the goal is met there will be a special surprise at the end of the year!

The kids will also have individual goals. Once they meet or exceed these goals they will be awarded the Fit Kid Award at the end of the year. The individual goals are divided into two components and both must be met to achieve the Fit Kid Award which is optional. There is a running/walking component as well as an excersise component. The excersise component includes push-ups, curl-ups, v-sit reach, jumping jacks or jumping rope.

Here are the benchmarks that need to be reached to attain the Fit Kid Award.

Any questions let me know.

Tracy Behrens


Yard Work

Name: Megan Shytle
Hi, I’m Jacob. I’m just starting out my business of helping people take care of their lawns. I’m 10 years old and do my family’s lawn and several people in our neighborhood and around town. I’m working to earn my own money but would also like to help out those who need some help with lawn chores.
I do an average size yard, 1/4acre or less for $20, mowing and weed eating. For single mom’s I have a discount of $10 & if your husband is deployed I have a $15 discount. Bigger yards I would be happy to give you a free estimate!
I also clean up yard trash, rake leaves, pull weeds for an additional fee (free estimate).
Please contact me at or call/text 843-441-6798.


Name: Kathryn Wright
A single parent dad of four children, new to the area, is in need of a dresser and a couch. If anyone could help, it would be a great way to minister to this struggling dad. Thank you very much.
Kathryn Wright 271-2169

Clothing Swap UPDATE

Name: Zoe Howard
Clothing Swap UPDATE

The Atrium is set up for the swap and there are a lot of great clothes in all sizes from newborn all the way up to teens. Thanks to everyone who has contributed!
For those that dropped off clothes – please come between 4-6pm on Friday to get the first pick! For everyone else – you are welcome on Saturday morning between 9-11am to find some great stuff.

Thanks again!
Zoe Howard

Soup cans needed!

Name: Melissa Magbee
Just a reminder that we are collecting empty, clean soup cans for Crafts. The collection box is in the children’s building. Thank you in advance for helping!

Clemson Scholarship Info

Clemson University has recently launched a brand-new scholarship: the Lyceum Scholars Program. Dedicated to building students’ intellectual skills as well as their moral character, the Lyceum Scholars Program provides a classical, integrated education guided by the Great Books. Students accepted to the program receive a four-year scholarship worth up to $10,000.

Visit our website to learn more about this revolutionary program:

I am writing to bring this opportunity to your attention and ask that you share it with members of your homeschool organization. If you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kathleen Koehl
Programs Coordinator
Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism


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