Progress Reports


Progress Reports
Grades K-8
November 15, 2020 March 15, 2021  June 15, 2021.

Transcripts & Progress Reports

Grades 9-11
January 15, 2021   June 15, 2021

Grade 12
January 15, 2021 and May 15, 2021 in time for May 21, 2021 Graduation!

Members of Community Bible Church Christian Academy must submit a progress report on the dates indicated above.  A progress report provides a record of what your student(s) are studying and their strengths and weaknesses in these subjects. Here are some basic rules of what your progress report should include:

  • List Community Bible Church Christian Academy, along with the student’s name, grade and the date of the progress report.
  • It should reflect the dates and the total number of days of instruction.We are required to have 180 days instruction each year. Please show this in your progress report.
  • List the subjects studied, a brief description of each course, curriculum and books used and an indicator of how the student is doing in each course. Examples are a narrative explaining his progress, a grade or an indication such as satisfactory or unsatisfactory progress.
  • Please follow the 10-Point Grading Scale Conversion Chart for High School Students as required by South Carolina law. Include a sample of assigned work for each subject as appropriate.
  • A sample of your plan book for that reporting period.
  • If the student has fulfilled all the requirements for the school year and is ready for the next grade level, the parent must provide a statement showing this on the last progress report of the year.
  • For students third grade and above, please provide a copy of their standardized achievement test as a part of their permanent record.
  • In addition, a separate transcript is required for High School Students. Each instructor is responsible for preparing their students’ official transcripts. These should be started during the students’ freshman year and kept up-to-date for use when it is time to apply for colleges. Copies of final transcripts must be turned into Pastor Broggi for signature before applying for college. Downloadable transcripts and samples are available here.

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