Homeschool Eligibility Beaufort County Schools

Beaufort County School Sports Information  scroll down to charter/homeschool links…..

Homeschooled, charter and Governor School students may participate in extracurricular activities in their school district. Not every student will want to take advantage of this program, but we are grateful that homeschooled students now have this opportunity. Many CBCCA students participated last year and had a great experience. We hope that our homeschooled students will be both a blessing and an asset to the local schools’ athletic programs.

Football, swimming, volleyball, competitive cheerleading, girls tennis, girls golf and cross country usually have a first practice date in August.  According to the Homeschool Eligibility Request Process you need to submit your request to the district Request(s) received at the District Educational Service Center from the parent/guardian ten (10) days prior to tryouts/practice of a requested sport. Application serves as notice of a student’s intent to participate. The district is requiring that this information is turned in (10) ten days before the first practice in order to confirm each student’s eligibility.

Contact the school that you wish to participate in to get dates and details on the season. Below are the tentative start dates to get you started.



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