Bread Beckers

Name * Shannon Keith
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For Sale:

Bread Beckers 6 gallon bucket of Hard White Wheat unopened with a Blue Gamma Lid. $25 – please email me if interested.

Mighty Eighth Museum field trip

Name * Evelyn Owens
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I have scheduled a field trip for any 5th grade, middle/high school kids and their parents to visit the Mighty Eighth Museum. The fee is $5 and they will give us a guided tour. Fee is for parents as well.
I asked the guide to make the tour appropriate for middle/high school students. Younger children will not be included in the guided tour and all students need an adult supervisor whether it is a parent or a friend’s parent. Thank you for understanding about the younger children. Also they only accommodate about 30 students so that is another reason I have limited it to the older kids.
The tour is Monday, May 8th at 10:00. Arrive a little early as everyone will pay individually at the door. Everyone needs to make their own travel/car pooling arrangements. If you can, please, send me a short email or text if you plan to attend.
Thanks, Evelyn Owens


Name * Jenn Kopke
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Selling Maytag Neptune Washer / Dryer
Works great $250 for both. Must pick up on Ladies Island.
Thank you

Looking for Til We Have Faces by CS Lewis

From Sue –

Does have anyone have copy(ies) of Til We Have Faces by CS Lewis? Looking to borrow for Literature class.


Sue Cerrillo



ISO Carpentry Instructor

From Becky –

Someone willing and able to teach carpentry/building/craftsmanship to my 8 year old son on a regular/somewhat regular basis this summer. Willing to pay.

Contact: Becky Fondelier

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Laptop for sale

HP Laptop with Windows 10. $250.00

Please call/email Cherie for more info: 843-812-5354/

Items for sale

Eyewitness books $2.00 each
Are You a …? paper backs $1.00 each
Rush Book NEW $12.00 I ordered 2 by mistake. My children love all of these books from my 13 year old son down to my 8 year old daughter.
Hurricanes $1.00

Perfect condition Lakeshore Learning table with 3 chairs 24 in.X 36 in. LIFETIME GUARANTEE $75.00 with 3 chairs…

Rod and Staff Eighth Grade English Teacher Text $10.00
Rod and Staff Third Grade English Teacher and Student Text $15.00 for BOTH
Apologia Science $20.00
Notgrass America the Beautiful Part 1 $10.00
Streams of Civilization $3.00

Excellent Condition Franz Hoffman Etude Violin 1/2 size
Bow 1/2 size and case (We bought from SHAR Music.)
All for $275.00–500/Franz-Hoffmann-174-Etude-Violin—Instrument-Only.axd#sthash.ANqcL2Ip.dpbs

Please email me for more information or if you would like your child to take a look at it and try it.

Monitor Needed for Dance rehearsals/recital

From Charlotte –

Looking for monitor for rehearsals and recital for our dance studio’s recital for my daughter’s ballet class. Must be an adult with clean record who loves children. Need to be able to assist with getting them ready and shuttle them back and forth to dance. Approx 12-15 hours work total. Dates are May 3-6 not sure whether our rehearsal will be the 3rd or 4th yet … but definitely the 5th (4:30 until?) and 6th (1:30 until?). If you are interested in this please message me. The parents chip in and pay a lump sum per dancer. This would be twelve aged 9-10 year old girls.

Online Homeschool Convention(FYI)

May 8 – 20: Online Homeschool Convention for Parents of 5-12’s
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Online Homeschool Convention

Dear Claudia,

Two weeks from today (May 8th) The Online Homeschool Convention for homeschool parents of 5-12 year olds is launching.

In partnership with Great Homeschool Conventions, we have 44 speakers participating in this online event. We’ll have speakers like Dr. Christopher Perrin, Dr. Jeff Myers, Dr. Kathy Koch, and Diana Waring among many other great speakers on homeschooling, parenting, and discipleship.

You can sign up for this event that will be available for free May 8 – 22, 2017. You’re also welcome to share this with any parents within your sphere of influence.

Click Here to Sign Up for The Online Homeschool Convention
We hope this will serve you and any other families that you know.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or ideas for how to let others know about this encouraging and practical event.


The Online Homeschool Convention


If anyone has a reliable washing machine they are ready to sell, please let me know!
Thanks-Laura or text: 843-812-2818