HSLDA Online Homeschool Conference

How does an online conference work?

Featuring over 40 speakers and 100 workshops! Workshop sessions will be prerecorded and can be watched from the comfort of your home whenever you want. Unlike an on-site convention where you have to pick and choose your sessions, you’ll have access to EVERY SINGLE workshop for an entire year.

Our Virtual Vendor Hall will be full of homeschooling resources, special pricing, freebies, and much more. Information is being added daily!


Virtual College tour of BJU

We’re bringing BJU to you

Due to precautions with COVID-19, we aren’t able to offer in-person visits, but we are excited to invite you to our first-ever Virtual College Up Close on Friday, April 3, at 11 a.m. EDT!

This fully online event will allow you to experience BJU from anywhere, on any device.

Reserve Your Spot

Take a live virtual tour of campus led by student ambassadors.
Understand how different majors connect to various career paths.
Talk with a faculty member in your academic program of interest.
Get answers to your questions from an admission counselor.

We’d love for you to see what your future at BJU could look like.

High school seniors who meet with both Admission and faculty could win a $1,000 BJU scholarship!


Dear friends, normally by now we would be sending out an email giving you instuctions on the Stanford test which we administer in May. Well, since nothing is normal at this point and we need about a months lead time to get it done, we have decided to postpone the test until the first week of June…..tentatively. As soon as we confirm whether or not that will happen, I will post here. Meanwhile if you want to go ahead and test on your own, here is the link: https://homeschooltestingservices.com/

Thanks for understanding……….


From HSLDA….

And remember “Be ye kind” if you have the opportunity to share!


Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

Homeschoolers have a unique opportunity to help families, educators and students as schools close around the country.

This is an unprecedented moment in our country’s history. We can help our fellow moms and dads face this challenge by sharing our expertise and experience with learning at home.

HSLDA is joining our friends at yes. every kid. to launch a new Facebook group. #LearnEverywhere is a community for families, parents, educators and students who are having to change their education routines due to the coronavirus.

Join the group, share how you teach your kids at home and post a link to your favorite learning resources.

As we know, education isn’t a place, it’s an experience that can happen anywhere.Rather than be defined by this crisis, we can create a lasting community to help everyone learn everywhere!


Won’t you be my neighbor?

My next door neighbors have their home for sale……if you are looking in the Pigeon Point area, this is it : https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1402-Church-St-Beaufort-SC-29902/66660372_zpid/

Last fellowship of the year-April 11th

Dear CBCCA Parents, thank you to all who came to the fellowship last night. The CBCCA staff puts a lot of time and effort in to bringing content that we feel will encourage you in your homeschool journey.  Not to mention the preparation of those who offer that encouragement.

This time of year I get phone calls as to how many meetings you have attended. About one third of you have attended the required 3 meetings. About one third have attended 2 meetings and the remaining one third have only attended one, or none.

I just want to remind you that when you filled out the application, you committed to attending the required 3 meetings; I don’t see this as a commitment to me or CBCCA but to our heavenly Father. We want to be gracious and flexible, but failure to attend these required meetings could put your next application to CBCCA in jeopardy.

Having said that I look forward to a record turn out at our last Fellowship of the year on April 11th!

Blessings, Claudia

Welcome baby Eliza Findlay!

Last name: Findlay
Password: Findlay

Rod and Staff 6th Grade English

SELLING: Rod and Staff 6th Grade English Student Text and Teacher’s Manual $22.00 for the set.

Pet free home.

Please email Jennifer Bales- jennbales@yahoo.com


Reminder: CBCCA Fellowship March 10 7:00pm


We will be offering parents two choices on Tuesday evening!

Reading Good Books With Our Kids

Led by Zoe Howard, she says: My goal is to encourage parents to embrace good books as a way of teaching discernment, to broaden our kids’ horizons, and to spark a love of learning in them. I’ll share some ways to find great books and to help our kids choose well. We’ll explore the benefits of reading a wide variety of genres with our kids.

Questions we’ll discuss:

-Does it really matter what books my kids are reading, as long as they are reading a lot? My kid loves to read, but I don’t know where to find good books. How can I help my kids to choose wisely? Should I pre-read everything before I give it to my kids? My kid hates reading, what can I do? How can I use the public library more? My kid only wants to read science fact books, how can I get him to read stories/literature? I don’t enjoy reading aloud and my kids don’t want to listen anyway, what to do? What about books that have bad language/sinful choices/etc? I need some book recommendations!

2. Dual Enrollment with Point University

JANICE TINSLEY​-ENROLLMENT SERVICES COORDINATOR, SAVANNAH http://www.point.edu  “Educating students for Christ‑centered service and leadership throughout the world.”  She is asking parents to “please consider as our program is pivotal for Christian students being in a Christian college class room experience, as opposed to a secular environment locally.” This should be of great interest to any parents of a high school student!

She will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Consider inviting other parents of teens who may not be homeschooled with CBCCA, they are encouraged to attend.

CBC Co-op Open House

Name * Becky Fondelier
Email * bfondelier@aol.com
Phone Number (412) 417-7404
Announcement Request *
CBC CO-OP is having an open house for any CBC homeschooling families to come check out what enrichment, support and fun learning looks like in a community setting. Parents will hear and learn what a day looks like and how next school year will work. (2020-2021). Children will get to be in class with their peers learning while having fun. The morning will be this Tuesday, March 10th from 10:00a.m. – noon. Lunch is included. Please RSVP to Becky 412-417-7404 or Stacey Horry at 843-271-0242