Books for sale

If anyone is interested in anything listed below they can email me, Brad, or call 843-441-0595 for more info/prices.

Student Writing Intensive Student Seminar Materials
Student Writing Intensive DVD’s Level A
Fix It Grammar The Nose Tree Teachers Manual Book 1
Following Narnia Volume 1: The Lion’s Song Teachers Manual
All Things Fun and Fascinating Writing Lessons
Bible Based Writing Lessons in Structure and Style
Spanish 2 2nd Edition student text
Spanish 2 Activities Manual
Spanish 2 Activities Manual Teachers Edition

Rosetta Stone Software
Spanish 1,2,3 (Homeschool version)
Mandarin Chinese 1, 2, 3

My Fathers World
I Can Do All Things Beginning book of Drawing and Painting

MISC books/devotionals
The Complete Human Body The Definitive Visual Guide Dr. Alice Roberts
The Worth of a Man by Dravecky
The Greatest Generation by Brokaw
The Advent Conspiracy
US Pony Club manual of horsemanship
Ponyella kids book
spirit riding free
the Octonauts the frown fish
Brave Girls Bible stories
Horse and Pony Stories
Dropping your Guard by Swindoll
Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success
Travelling a Pilgrims Path
To Train up a Child
Bringing up Boys
The Love Dare
The Bride, renewing our passion for the church
Night Light for Parents
Duggar a love that multiplies
I’m no Angel
The Magnolia Story
Managing with Carrots
The power of praying together
The ABC Herbal
The Greatest Gift
Tea Party Bible times for mom and me
7 habits of Highly Effective People
Christian Basics
The Baxter family coming home
Seal of Honor
Reaching for the Invisible God
Life on the Edge
The Holy Spirit by Billy Graham

Fully Funded!

This is fully funded! Thank you! Praise to the Lord our God!

From Monica –

Good morning friends of the Wells family!

We have watched God provide so faithfully throughout the stories of adopting both Kenan and Aiden and I know many of you have joyfully participated in supporting their family in prayer, support, finances and love. There is a very short window of opportunity this morning to help this sweet family once again as the boys birth mother is preparing to be induced on Tuesday with a little brother or sister. The Wells have the option of adopting him/her but need to raise $14,000 by NOON today! This is a big task but it is not too hard for God and so I am asking if 140 of you would consider committing to give $100 before noon today. You can give more or you can give less – but this would knock out quickly and with a strong testimony of what God has in store for this little one.

If you are able to make a pledge, please call/text/email Monica by NOON and we will follow up with instructions this afternoon! Thanks in advance! Please share!

Monica Wilkinson


Math Tutoring

I just received a call from a gentleman who is a retired math teacher and lives in Bluffton. He has taught at the university level for 30 years. He has a desire to help students with their math struggles and mentioned a math tutoring club he is part of. (Please note that I do not know this person, only have chatted with him on the phone so please use your own discretion if you decide to utilize his services. I do not know if he charges a fee-sorry I didn’t think to ask.)

His name is Paul Murrin and his contact info is: or 843-816-0626.



Cap and gown

Would whoever left a cap and gown at the front desk yesterday please let me know….I would like to check you off the list!

College Prep Genius

College Prep Genius is hosting an SAT prep course at Ridgeland Baptist Church on Aug. 12 and 13th. I have attached a registration form with the information about the course.

We have lived in FL and UT when Jean has done this class, and it received wonderful reviews. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you,

Shannon Callon


College Prep Genius is coming to the Lowcountry! Creator Jean Burk will be offering a “Master the SAT Bootcamp” course on Monday and Tuesday, August 12-13 from 9-3. This is a two day session for 7th -12th graders who are preparing for the SAT.

The course cost is $295.00 and that includes her $139.00 Fundamental online course which they will continue to use throughout the year. Siblings are only $195.

Sign up by June 25th to be guaranteed a seat. They must have 8 paid seats before securing the schedule. The class will be held at Ridgeland Baptist Church,1448 Grays Hwy, Ridgeland, SC 29936

Please contact me for more info 513-490-7944,

I have included some links for you to check out and see if this would be beneficial for your student.

CPG Shop

TCL Books for sale

Name * Olivia Findlay
Email *
Phone Number (843) 263-1130
Announcement Request *
I am trying to sell my college books from TCL. I purchased the good quality 3 ringed binders with double pockets on each side and a one hand easy open button. They’re in great condition and can get expensive, but I would like to sell these for $2 each. All books I’m selling are used, but like new. Most of the books were between $125.00 and $215.00 when I bought them. Many different degrees require a lot of these books, but I took all the basic classes one would need for an associate degree in Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences. BUT there are still many other degrees that need many of these books and they are:

For Biology 101-10 and 102-01: Campbell Biology Concepts & Connections 9th edition. By Taylor Simon and Dickey Hogan Reece. Loose leaf. Pearson.
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-444277-8
ISBN-10: 0-13-444277-6
[$10.00] For the remaining items:
I’m also selling a scantron pack, blue book, blood type test dissection sheets (animals internal and external parts labeled on papers for BIO-102-01), goggles, apron, and a PF9940 Peak Flow Meter.

For Elementary Calculus / Math 130:
Calculus with Applications. Eleventh Edition. Lial, Greenwell, and Ritchy. Loose leaf. Pearson.
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-386456-4
ISBN-10: 0-13-386456-1

For ART 101 Art History & Appreciation:
6th Edition Volume 2 ART HISTORY. Chapters 18-33 Marilyn Stokstad & Micheal W. Cothren. Loose leaf. Pearson.
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-448466-2
ISBN-10: 0-13-448466-5

For College Algebra:
Sullivan College Algebra 10th Edition. Loose Leaf. Pearson.
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-99941-2
ISBN-10: 0-321-99941-X

For Macroeconomics ECO-210:
Macroeconomics Principles for a Changing World. Eric P. Chiang 4th Edition. Loose Leaf. LaunchPAD.
[$20.00] for LaunchPad access code (Unscratched. Originally $90)
ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-8839-8
ISBN-10: 1-4641-8839-4

For ART 111 Basic Drawing:
Drawing for the absolute beginner; A clear and easy guide to Successful Drawing. Mark and Mary Willenbrink. I also have print outs for the vocabulary needed to know for the entire course.
ISBN-13: 978-1-58180-789-9
ISBN-10: 1-58180-789-9

For Sociology SOC – 101:
Introduction to Sociology 6th Edition. Anthony Giddens, Mitchell Duneier, Richard P. Appelbaum, and Deborah Carr. Paper Back book. Norton. Includes unscratched/unused registration code. (I believe this code is still valid).
ISBN: 978-0-393-61429-9

CLEP EXAM Practice questions for – Principles of Macroeconomics 2018 EXAMINATION GUIDE (Includes 85 questions/solutions )

CLEP EXAM Practice questions for – Introductory Sociology 2018 EXAMINATION GUIDE (Includes 98 questions/solutions )

ISO: Math tutor

Name * jasmine christian
Email *
Phone Number (803) 414-2360
Announcement Request *
Hello, we are looking for any info on a math tutor for our rising 7th grader.He will need to be evaluated and brought up to speed during the summer months. Any info or tips will help. Thank you!

CBCCA reminders!

  1. Progress Reports and Transcripts are due for all students, K-11th grade on or before June 15th. For those families who will not be done school by that date, please let me know via email when you plan on being done.
  2. Recent graduates: If you haven’t turned in your cap and gown or purchased it, please do so as soon as possible!



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