Items available


I have the following to give away.
Please email me only if you have the manpower and means to take it away.    The desk will have to be disassembled somewhat to transport.  Please bring your own tools as I am not good with that sort of thing.
Michele Norman:

Books Needed

From Rena –

Hello! We are in need of the following TCL books to borrow or buy:

1. The Norton Introduction to Literature 11th edition ISBN: 978-0393913392

2. Art; a Brief History with my Arts Lab ISBN: 978-0134127132


(843) 505-4600


Various Items Available Contact for more Info

From Jamie –

I have some things I am looking to pass on, email me if you are interested. Thanks! Custom sliding glass door blinds
A chandelier
A beautiful plaster art piece of the last supper
An instant pot
A play yard gate
Outdoor chair cushion
Clay pot and stones
Huge thomas train set
Stainless steel pots/pans
Medela double breast pump
booster seat


Servers Needed For Radiance Women’s Center Banquet

Radiance Women’s Center is looking for mature energetic young people to volunteer as radiance logo.jpgbanquet servers for the annual fundraising event on Friday, April 21st, 2017 in the fellowship hall of Community Bible Church.

We are looking for volunteers to help with setting tables, serving guests and clean-up during the time frame of -10 pm.

Of course this commitment will count as community service and we will be happy to provide a letter of participation to those who request it after the banquet.

Center will hold its annual fundraising banquet on Friday, April 21st, 2017 in the fellowship hall of Community Bible Church, Beaufort, SC.

All interested participants are asked to contact Tarra Herring, our Hospitality Coordinator, at  and include full name, age, best contact information, and your organization (i.e. school, church youth group). Or contact the Center @ 843.525.0300 and asked to be added to the volunteer sign-up list.

Thank you for your support to this vital ministry!

radiance logo.jpg

Columbia International Festival

I have flyers at my desk which are good for $2.00 0ff admission…..let me know if you are interested….Claudia

Cif 2 2017CIF 2017


The Stanford Achievement Test will be administered to homeschooling students this spring.  This testing is available to CBCCA students as well as non-CBCCA/non-CBC homeschool students.  The details follow:

Place:                              Community Bible Church, Children’s Building

Dates:                             May 2 – May 4, 2017 (Tuesday – Thursday)

Grades:                           4 – 12

Testers:                        Audrey Broggi, Cindy Smith, Ninette Hodgins

Time:                             8:45 – 12:00 (approximate)

 Administrative Fee:  $40.00 per student.

    Payment preferred in the form of a check made out to CBC, with “Stanford Test  fee” written in the memo.

   Give to Claudia Gay or Laura Caldwell (Front Desk of main building)

Deadline is April 11.  No student will be tested Without Payment.

(Please do not make us come to you; pay promptly.  Thank you)

Parents are responsible for ordering and paying for the Stanford Achievement Tests (NOT the Stanford/OLSAT) for their child (children).  The instructions are:

  1. Order online ( or call BJUP (800.845.5731).  You will be ordering the Stanford Achievement Test  (the SAT or TASK [for high school ] ) according to the current grade level of your student.
  2. Should order by March 27, 2017 in order to ensure timely delivery. If ordering after that date, best to call BJUP to ensure a timely delivery to the test administrator.
  3. You will need to identify the tester as Ninette Hodgins. Ninette’s tester ID number is 910564.
  4. BJU will require you to verify that you homeschool your child (children).
  5. On the same day you order your test, please e-mail Ninette ( with the following information:
  6. Student’s first, middle initial, last name d. preferred parent contact information-
  7.   birthdate of student                                                           – phone number or e-mail
  8. Current grade level                                                       e. parent’s mailing address
  9. Tests will initially be shipped to Ninette. The day after testing she will mail the tests back to BJU.   The parent (purchaser) will be notified by BJU when the results are ready for review online, usually within 10 business days from the day the tests are received back at BJU.    _______________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for allowing CBC the privilege of administering the Stanford to your student(s).  Our desire is to provide an optimum environment where the student can perform to his/her ability.  If you have any questions, please email or call Ninette (  (843.757.6822).

Please remember to adhere to the March 27 and April 11 deadlines.  Thank you

Meals for a CBCCA family

Latasha Reeves will be undergoing surgery. Can you help by preparing a meal for this sweet family? Details below:
This is the link to the meal schedule for Latasha. Our password is 5242 to get to the schedule. Thank each of you for sharing your love and time to prepare a meal for the Reeves family. Once you get to the website, you will see all of the details. Scroll down under the photo that comes up and look for Find and that is where you put in Reeves and the password of 5242. I know the Reeves will be so grateful.

God bless each of you.

Free online robotics class

TOMORROW Supercharged Science is presenting a free live online class on Robots and Robot Building.

Your kids will learn about Electricity, Magnetism, gears, pulleys, motors and LOTS more.

Plus, during the class your kids will do hands-on experiments including building a working robot!

You can register here for free:

(Once you register I’ll also email you detailed videos on how to do the experiments from the class even if you can’t attend or missed the class , including how to build a working robot from stuff you have around the house).

By the way, my name is Aurora Lipper, Founder of Supercharged Science. I’ve been teaching science for over 15 years, worked for NASA, been on the faculty at California Polytechnic University and written over 15 award-winning science curriculums and programs (They have won awards like Cathy Duffy’s Top 102 Picks, Practical Homeschooling’s #1 science curriculum, and lots more).

If you’re interested in ANY of the following, then this is for you:

1. Giving your kids a first-class, A+ education in science WITHOUT needing to teach it yourself.

2. Not worrying if you don’t know a thing about science or the experiment. (Just follow what I show you step-by-step!)

3. Having your kids learn about:

What a robot is and what they are used for in real life
How robots work using electricity, motors, gears, pulleys, wheels, pneumatics and hydraulics.
How school robotics teams are now run like sports teams, but for kids who like science (plus learn real-world hands-on STEM skills). And, you don’t need to attend a school to be in their after-school robotics program (It’s where all the Brainiacs hang out).
I’ll guide your kids through building a working robot and give them plans for several more.
Help kids understand how engineers use math and physics to design robots that do everything from building cars to landing on mars.
How new robots will help do everything from finding cures for diseases to fighting fires to exploring Mars.
And, of course, we’ll talk about the robotic self-driving cars that have been talked about so much recently.

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 16th is this LIVE online class where you’ll get all this and more.

(Even if you can’t attend , register anyway and I’ll send you a link to videos for doing the experiments.)

There’s no charge it’s a complimentary class for you and your kids 🙂

During the class, kids will get free prizes and be able to ask me questions.

Also, everyone who registers will get a collection of free science lessons and step-by-step videos you can do on your own.

I know you and your kids will really get a lot out of this.

Happy Experimenting,

Aurora Lipper
Founder of Supercharged Science

P.S. Giving your kids a quality science lesson when you’re NOT a science expert yourself can be a major challenge. But it doesn’t need to be.

I’ve devoted my life to helping kids learn science in a way that they really enjoy and which makes it easy for you as a parent to teach.

Come to this online class and you’ll see what I mean:


(Do register quickly, as spots are filling up!)

Tigershark Swim Season Starts Soon!

Lots of choices for swimmers this season! YMCA Tigersharks

Registration for non-returning swimmers begins March 20th. tigershark

But if you are interested in this VERY homeschool friendly sport – contact Coach Mary at to have your child evaluated for the team!

Here is a link to the different levels available, their practice times etc.

Shark Pups 1 (beginner swim team)

Shark Pups 2 & 3 (intermediate swim team)

Long Course (advanced)

If you have any questions – please feel free to text or call me and I will try to help – I have been a Tigershark parent for 17 years:)

Charlotte Cushman 843-592-1502

Washer and Dryer Needed

Shelly Johnson’s family needs a reliable washer and dryer, washer is broken and dryer has stopped working efficiently.

If you have one that you could pass along or if you have one for a reasonable price – please let her know – 843-271-7441.