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Meals for the Bywaters

Help us to bless the Bywater Family while Teresa goes through chemo.

From Paula –

I spoke with Teresa Bywater today. She is doing well and in good spirits. She is starting chemotherapy and radiation 5 days a week next week in Charleston. I started a meal schedule for her for meals 3 days a week. Take them a meal for Teresa Bywater while she has chemo.

Password: bywater1

Discount Extended for Yearbook

Buy your yearbook for 5% off until November 18th!

Go to: and enter our code: 101386254961710

The regular price is $27.59.

Text Charlotte at 843-592-1502 if you have any questions!

ISO Math U See Test Booklets

If anyone has the test booklets for Math U See, Gamma, Delta or Pre Algebra that they would be willing to give away or sell for a reasonable price.

Please text me – Heather 843-592-8493

Have some homeschool stuff to sell?


Dec 4th @ Brant Family Farm

Thought that homeschoolers might be interested in this Christmas Thrift, Gift and Book Sale at Brant Family Farm. Families/Individuals can sign up for spaces to sell crafts, thrift items, products from their home businesses etc. There are already several homeschool children who are creating Christmas crafts to sell.

Maybe you still have a lot of homeschool books to sell? You can take part in the GIANT BOOK SALE which Jennifer Bales and Susan Brant are organizing. All you have to do is drop off your labeled books to them and they will do the selling.

To register and more info click this link:

Yearbook Time!

Buy your yearbook for 5% off until the end of October!

Go to: and enter our code: 101386254961710

The regular price is $27.59.

Text Charlotte at 843-592-1502 if you have any questions!

Buy your yearbook today!

Constitution Day Resources

FYI – I thought fellow homeschoolers would be interested in this. It is from the SC Bar. Charlotte

Celebrate Constitution Day 2020 – September 17th

§  Did you know that the US Department of Education declared that any education institution receiving federal funds must offer lessons on the US Constitution every year for Constitution Day? 

§  Do you have plans for Constitution Day this year?

§  Looking for fun curriculum, lesson plans and games to use in the classroom?

In celebration of our country’s Constitution, the U.S. Department of Education has designated September 17 as annual Constitution Day! The day is intended to prompt any federally funded educational institution to conduct an event of their own design that celebrates the signing of the U.S. Constitution which occurred in 1787. Events or programming can be designed as educators see fit to best emphasize this momentous event with their students. Need a free Constitution Day Pocket Book or a Constitution Day tool kit?  Look no further:

Through participation in Constitution Day, students will increase their basic skills of listening, speaking, writing, reading, problem analysis, and many more attributes to include citizenship and awareness of their Constitution applicable to their daily lives.  Read the Federal Register establishing Constitution Day at

Need Constitution Day Activities and Resources?

Make the most important document in the United States, the Constitution, fun and educational for your students while learning 10 things you didn’t know about the U.S. Constitution or drafting a Class Constitution of their own.

Additional Constitution Day Resources include:

Cynthia H. Cothran

Law Related Education Director

P. O. Box 608

Columbia, SC 29202

Office: (803) 252-5139

Direct: (803) 576-3788

A close up of a sign

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Curriculum for Sale

From Courtney-

Apologia Physical Science $95 Textbook, CD rom, Teacher solutions, student journal, tests, and nature workshop plus lab kit
Notgrass From Adam to Us $40 Two Textbooks, Our creative world, and teacher key
Math you See Gamma $15 Text and DVD
Math you see Delta $15 Text and DVD
Fix It Grammar Book 1 Nose Tree $5Fix It Grammar Book 2 Robin Hood $5
Bob Jones Math 4 $15
Writing With Ease Level 4 $5
IEW Student Workbook Ancient History Writing $5
IEW Narnia Volume 1 teacher book $5
Memoria Press Prima Latina $10
Mystery of History Volume 1 $5

Call or Text Courtney Fugate

Online Live Algebra Classes

From Charlotte Cushman –

Contact me for more information!

Need help with math for your homeschooled student?

Classes start Aug 12th.

Wednesdays & Fridays

Online and live using Saxon Curriculum

Alg 2 – 11:30-12:40

Alg 1 – 12:50-2:00

Alg 1/2 – 2:00-3:10

Sign up today:

Math Assistant Online Grading for Saxon

From Charlotte –

Hey everyone! I came across this yesterday and am going to give this a try with my family to save time and make my math instruction more effective.

There is a program called My Math Assistant which automatically checks and grades Saxon math. I am going to to give it a try this year. It gives the student immediate feedback on whether they got their problem correct so that they are not practicing incorrectly.

This forces the students to seek help instead of just think “oh ok” and move on… because they don’t have the answer key in front of them to give them a false sense of confidence in their ability to do the problem. For those students who do not check their own work but rely on mom … it keeps them from having the excuse… “mom you didn’t have time to check it, so I couldn’t move on, skipped it etc.”

It grades practice problems, mixed practice and tests. You can customize what students have to complete to move on.

They have a free trial so that you can try it out and the pricing is reasonable. If you participate in Classical Conversations there is a discount for the first three months (message me privately if that applies to you).

If you are interested – this is the link

Math Classes – Days and Times Changed

From Charlotte Cushman –

Hey everyone! I have changed the days for my Algebra group tutoring sessions to Wed/Fri to better accommodate families who had other obligations on Mondays.

This is live tutoring in a group setting online.

Classes will begin on August 12th.

I have also changed the times to better fit in with any afternoon sports.

Hopefully, if you were interested in one of the classes and the scheduling didn’t work out before – this will give you another option.

Please check out the website here:

Saxon Algebra 2 – Wed/Fri – 11:40 – 12:50

Saxon Algebra 1 – Wed/Fri – 12:50 – 2:00

Saxon Algebra 1/2 – Wed/Fri – 2:00 – 3:10

Please call/text me at 843-592-1502 if you need more information. Or email me at