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Classical Learning Prep

Holy Trinity Classical Christian School upper school teachers Josiah Tobin and Jonathan Councell will be offering a CLT (Classic Learning Test) prep course for students in grades 9-12 that will take place on three Saturdays in January and February. This prep course will also greatly help SAT and ACT scores. If interested, please follow this link for more information:

Sign Up Today! Frontlines Meals Spring Semester!

frontlines pizzaFrom Charlotte Cushman – Join me in signing up to cook for Frontlines!

We need people to volunteer to cook dinner on Thursdays for the Frontlnes youth ministry at CBC. Dinner is served from 6 -7 PM. A main dish, a side dish and a dessert(s) are needed each week to feed about 75-80 people. Drinks, cups, plates and silverware, etc. will be provided. There is a weekly budget of $125.00. You can turn your receipt into Drew Kuehl or directly to Caren in the front office for reimbursement. You may cook at your own home or at the Youth building (brand new oven/stove). You can cook by yourself or with a friend and bring the food to the youth building by 5:30 PM so that everything can be set up to be served by 6 PM. If you need the building opened before 5:30, please call Amy ahead of time to make arrangements. If you have any other questions please call Amy Kuehl at 757-581-3219. Please also check out the CBC Youth Ministry Facebook page for more info. This is a wonderful way to serve the youth at CBC. Thanks in advance to all who sign up to help.

Bless the Kizer’s with diapers

From Amy –
The Kizer family has a new addition – a sweet little boy. We plan to have a shower at a later date, but for now, we would love to help them with their diaper needs by providing diapers for the next few months. If you are interested in helping fulfill this need, then please respond via email or text as listed below with your name and contact information.
Email Response to:
Text Response to: 757-581-3219
You will be placed on the calendar and provided with the size and type of diapers needed for that month. A box will cost approximately $25. You may drop the diapers off at church or you may have them delivered to the family through an online purchase.Thank you for loving this sweet family!

Meals for The Barrett’s

We are excited to announce that Nila and Casey Barrett have welcomed home sweet little Jeremiah on Monday. If you are able, would you please consider blessing this family with a meal as they adjust to having a new baby in the home? Please text or call the day off to arrange a time. You will be feeding 5. No food allergies, but they have requested to please NO spaghetti.

Three meals needed!

The Kizers are adopting a sweet baby this week!

Please help us to bless them by providing a meal for them! dinnerFive adult appetites and four little appetites. They eat at 6. Thank you so much!

Questions? Text Charlotte at 843-592-1502

Caroline Hospice Festival of Trees Field Trip Wednesday at 10

Field Trip!!

Come see the Community Bible church tree that is supporting Caroline Hospice!

Free for CBCCA Homeschoolers. Meet at 10 am at Tabby Walk.

Text me for more details 843-592-1502

Welcome Harper Hope! Meals for Potters

From Becky Fondelier –dinner

Please help us bless Adam & Shay with meals as they welcome their new sweet girl!

You will be feeding 2 Adults and 8 children. Meals delivered between 5:00/5:30 would be great. Freezer meals delivered at an earlier time before the date are also welcome. Contact Becky or 414-417-7404 if you have any questions!


Help us welcome baby Elias! Meal sign up!

Help us bless John and Cara with meals this week! Sign up for a meal! food

They are home with baby Elias! Help them get settled in to their new routine! You will be feeding 2 adults. They eat at 5pm.

Thank you for being a blessing!

Children’s Book Fair Available

From Gwen

Saturday, October 12th 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Santa Elena History Center, 1501 Bay Street, Beaufort, SC

Update Kaden

Update on Kaden From Kitty L.

Kaden passed away from cancer this week. Thank you for the prayers for him and his mom.

Please do consider continuing to pray for Rhonda as she walks through this.  Please text Charlotte Cushman (843-592-1502) for the mailing address if you would like to send a note of encouragement.