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Name * Evelyn Owens
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Phone Number (843) 812-1828
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Thank you Friends. Cupcake mission accomplished:) I will email with instructions or you may find info on the children’s ministry facebook page.


Name * Evelyn Owens
Email *
Phone Number (843) 812-1828
Announcement Request *
Hey Friends,
It’s that time of year again when we all get the opportunity to contribute to the Easter Eggstravaganza in some way. We need 500 cupcakes baked for the event. If you can make one or two batches, please let me know. We make it easy for you. NO ICING, please. Just be sure and bake them in cake liners. Email me so I know how many will be coming. When you email, I will give drop off information. Thanks, Evelyn Owens


Name * Holly Mullins
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Phone Number (850) 319-7159
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Anyone out there that knows of some examples of where and how a grandmother would be able to get yearly testing for 2018 for a 3rd and 6th grader???? how and where is that done so that I could send in with school records to cbcca academy. Would you just email or text Mrs. Holly Mullins or text (850) 319-7159 or would you leave me a quick message. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME DOING THIS SO MAY NEED SOME DETAILS FROM YAH!!! THANX A BUNCH!!! have a beautiful day in Jesus!! “Jesus heals Hurts”

VBS Drama Tryouts

Name * Evelyn Owens
Email *
Phone Number (843) 812-1828
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Mark your calendars! VBS plans are underway. Drama try outs are scheduled for Wed. March 28 at 5:00 in the fellowship hall at CBC. All CBC members, adults, teens age 14 and older, are welcome to try out for the parts. VBS dates are June 26-29. Hope to see you there.
Evelyn Owens

ISO: gently used embroidery machine

Please call or text Zoe Turechek if you have one you would like to sell!



ISO books.

Sonlight G and corresponding books
Wordly Wise Book 6
Teacher’s Guide to Wordly Wise Book 6
Wordly Wise Book 7
Teacher’s Guide to Wordly Wise Book 7
International Children’s Bible Field Guide chap.
Credo: I Believe …  (CD)
The Story of the World: Ancient Times
Usborne Encyclopedia 12,000 Years of World History
The Kingdom Strikes Back
The Golden Goblet
Favorite Poems Old and New
Mara, Daughter of the Nile
Please contact Kaye Ertter at 843-521-1487 or

Moody Science DVD set for sale

Name * Christine Edwards
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Moody Science dvd set for sale (19 dvd’s in great condition). Listed on CBD for $137.99; I will sell for $65. Please contact me at
Thank you,
Christine Edwards

Can you make a casserole?

Name * Melissa Hansen
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Email *
Phone Number (307) 256-0310
Announcement Request *
We are looking for volunteers willing to bake a casserole for the upcoming woman’s missionary breakfast on April 19th. If you are able to help, please contact Melissa at
Thank you!

Final reminder! SAT!


The Stanford Achievement Test will be administered to homeschooling students this spring.  This testing is available to CBCCA students as well as non-CBCCA/non-CBC homeschool students.  The details follow:

Place:                              Community Bible Church, Children’s Building

Dates:                             May 1 – May 3, 2018 (Tuesday – Thursday)

Grades:                           4 – 12

Testers:                        Audrey Broggi, Cindy Smith, Ninette Hodgins

Time:                             8:45 – 12:00 (approximate)

 Administrative Fee:  $40.00 per student.

    Payment preferred in the form of a check made out to CBC, with “Stanford Test fee” written in the memo.

   Give to Claudia Gay or Laura Caldwell (Front Desk of main building.)

Deadline for administration fee payment is April 11.  No student will be tested Without

Payment.  (Please don’t make us come to you; pay promptly.  Thank you)

Parents are responsible for ordering/purchasing the Stanford Achievement Tests for their child (children).  The instructions are:

  1. 1. Order online (com) or call BJUP (800.845.5731). You will be ordering the Stanford Test       according to the grade level of your student this spring.
  2. 2. Should order by March 20, 2018 in order to ensure timely delivery to test administrator. If ordering         after that date, best to call BJUP to ensure a timely delivery to the test administrator. 
  3. 3. You will need to identify the tester as Ninette Hodgins. Ninette’s tester ID number is
  4. BJU will require you to verify that you homeschool your child (children).
  5. 5. On the same day you order your test, please e-mail Ninette ( with the following information:
  6. Student’s first, middle initial, last name d. parent contact information-
  7. Birthdate of student                                                             – phone number AND  E-mail
  8. Current Grade level      e. Parent’s mailing address
  9. Tests will be shipped to Ninette. The day after testing she will mail the tests back to BJU.   The parent (purchaser) will be notified by BJU when the results are ready for review online, usually within 10 business days from the day the tests are received back at BJU.    _______________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for allowing CBC the privilege of administering the Stanford to your student(s).  Our desire is to provide an optimum environment where the student can perform to his/her ability.  If you have any questions, please email or call Ninette (  (843.757.6822).

Please remember to adhere to the March 20 and April 11 deadlines.  Thank you


MARCH MOMS Fellowship TONIGHT AT 7:00pm in room 115:

Julie Snyder will be discussing “How Israel Changed Our Family”.

Only 2 fellowships left, both in April. April 3rd is for Dad’s, led by Lou Cerrillo. Or you have the option of attending the “Meet Our Missionaries” session during the World Mission Conference on Friday morning, April 20th beginning at 9:00am.

Progress reports for K-8th grade are due this Friday!

Let me know if you have any questions!