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high school math courses

The South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics (GSSM) is offering two synchronous-virtual year-long high school math courses to students across the state next academic year—starting in August 2023 (course descriptions below).

The courses will be taught live via Zoom during the school day over the course of the whole school year.
GSSM will provide textbooks and other needed course materials to students.
Enrollment is limited to ensure quality instruction.

If you have any questions or are interested in these courses, please email Dr. Nicole Kroeger (


Honors Precalculus: A two-semester course that is designed to prepare students for the study of calculus. First semester topics include linear functions, polynomial functions, rational functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, function composition and transformations. Spring semester topics include trigonometry, parametric and polar equations, and partial fractions.
Schedule: The class meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 10am-10:53am in both the fall and spring semesters. Students must take both the whole yearlong course.

Calculus 1: Topics include limits and continuity, the derivative, differentiation of algebraic and trigonometric functions, applications of the derivative, indeterminate forms, basic integration techniques, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
Prerequisite: Students should have completed Honors PreCalculus or equivalent before enrolling in Calculus 1.

Schedule: In the fall, the class will meet Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 2:00pm-2:53pm. In the spring, the class will meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 2:00-2:53pm. Students must take the whole yearlong course.

Credit: In fall, earns honors credit. In spring, earns dual enrolled credit with Coker University for MAT 231.


Nicole Kroeger

GSSM STEM Foundations Program Manager

ISO: Private Daycare

I have someone who is looking for in-home daycare for about 1 month for 2 children. Just wondering if anyone knows of a licensed home daycare…… please send an email if you do…….


free online business course

My name is Karin Tucker and I am a homeschool mother of 5. I have developed a free online business course to help other homeschool families. My husband and I built two very successful businesses and I wanted to pass on my knowledge to others.

During this 45 day course, the student will learn about the beauty of business, God’s design for business, and the fundamentals to start their own business! The teacher will work alongside the student using the prompts/materials provided in the course.

As a homeschool mother, I know the necessity of a well-written course. I also know the severe need for financial/business resources in school curriculums.

I have attached these resources below for you to see if they would be helpful for the families you serve.

God bless and thank you for your time!

Thank you,

Karin Tucker

Why a Free Business Course?

Check your inbox!

If you submitted a registration for Co-Op you should have a Family Application in your inbox. These are due back by May 19th. If you have any questions about them, please text/call Charlotte Cushman at 843-592-1502.

If you submitted a registration and DID NOT get an application, please contact me.

Final day for registration is May 12th. Initial registration does not constitute acceptance in Co-Op. After initial registration, there is an application process. All Co-Op students must submit applications and agree to statement of faith and rules of conduct. Students may be denied admission with or without any reason at the discretion of Community Bible Church.

Book Blast Helpers needed!!

Looking for help with the Book Blast!

Please contact Stacey Horry if you are available to help either for Drop Off on Friday June 2nd or during the Sale on Saturday.


(Re-Post) Bakers needed!

Name * Melissa Magbee

Email *
Phone Number (843) 476-6946
Announcement Request *
The CBCCA class of 2023 is in need of 12 high school girls who love to bake and would be willing to make two dozen cupcakes for the graduation reception! They do not need to be frosted as we will frost them that night. Please text Mrs. Magbee at 843-476-6946 if you are willing to help!

Bakers needed!!!

Name *Melissa Magbee
Please provide appropriate contact info and check how you want people to respond. *text
Email *
Phone Number(843) 476-6946
Announcement Request *The CBCCA class of 2023 is in need of 12 high school girls who love to bake and would be willing to make two dozen cupcakes for the graduation reception! They do not need to be frosted as we will frost them that night. Please text Mrs. Magbee at 843-476-6946 if you are willing to help!

hydrated water balls


I have 2 – 5 Gallon buckets of hydrated water balls for arrangements, crafts, rooting plants, or whatever! 

I just don’t have time to dehydrate them all. LOL

Take as many or as few as you’d like.  



PASS Test results are in and can be picked up:

Tonight (May 10th) from 6:15-6:30 and Sunday, (May 14th) in between services in the atrium.

Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy

please look at the links below if this is something your student may be interested in.

“It was a pleasure to talk to you today. I definitely value your work as well as the quality of homeschooled students! I think a private school like ours offers an extra value that your students can appreciate. We are very student-centered, with much smaller classes than the big state schools. We are very proud of our program, which has just graduated its tenth class, and produces some of the best pharmacists in South Carolina. In fact, we have the best 3-year average in the first-time pass rate in the national board exam (NAPLEX) in the state. Similarly, for the past two years, our post-graduate residency placement rate has been close to 90% (last year that outcome put us in the top nine programs in the nation!). Our success is a result of our student-centered faculty, curriculum, and facilities.

I would like to direct you to a couple of websites: The first one is our homepage:

Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy | Clinton SC

The second one is the admission site. The “Request Info” tab allows interested students to send their contact information to our admission staff (and myself), who will be happy to answer questions. Mr. Josh Tyson (Director of Graduate Enrollment) and Ms. Leigh Lanford (Executive Director of Admissions). We all work together, and we take great pride (and pleasure) to help students express their potential and achieve their goals!

Apply Now | Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy | Clinton SC

The third link is our summer camp, which will be held on June 25-July 1. Again, there is a “Request More Information” button, which will send your request to the admission staff and me.

PC School of Pharmacy Summer Camp – About (

Aside from these links, we would be happy to have students/parents come and visit our beautiful campus and tell them more about the Pharmacy profession! Please share my contact information to anyone who would like to schedule a visit. For those interested in other health sciences, we also have a Physician Assistant and an Occupational Therapy Doctorate program.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you would like to come and visit us!



Giuseppe Gumina, Ph.D.
Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy
307 North Broad Street
Clinton, SC 29325
Phone: (864) 938-3828
Fax: (864) 938-3903