AWANA- Section 2 – Truth & Training Verse Songs

If you have boy or girl clubbers working through the Agents of Grace book at AWANA- this playlist has a song for all the verses in the second section. This would be 3rd and 4th Boys and Girls and 5th and 6th grade Boys and Girls.

Help needed!

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I need a lot of help. We started chopping down trees and the mess is all over our yard. Many of you know my November/December was quite eventful to say the least and we have been unable to get it cleaned though were have been slowly working it.

I got a notice in the mail today and we have this weekend to get it all cleaned up!
Probably 5 guys, any strong teens

Please bring any chainsaws, rakes, trucks anything that would help.

Start about 0900

Food will be provided.
Thank you.

Spring Fellowships

We have a couple of ideas for the 2019 fellowships beginning in February, however, if there is some area you would like encouragement/instruction in or something just for the fun of it, then send me an email with your idea!

High School Reports

Just a reminder that High School Transcripts and progress reports for students in grade 9-12 are due on or before January 15th. Please remember that I am available to help with your transcript, especially if this is your first time.

If you know this is you and you would like me to set up your first transcript, please email me the following:

Students name

Course title (ex: Algebra 1)

Course credit for the year (ex .5 or 1)

Course designation if other then regular high school class (ex: honors (H) Advanced Placement (AP) or taken at TCL (DE))

Numeric grade (Ex: 95)


ISO: A Penny’s Worth Of Character by Jesse Stuart

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ISO: A Penny’s Worth Of Character by Jesse Stuart

to borrow or buy

Book Needed

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I am looking to borrow (possibly buy) the following English 102 book for this semester at TCL. If I end up not needing it, I will return it to you as soon as I find that out. Thanks!

The Norton Introduction to Literature with 2016 MLA Update (Shorter Twelfth Edition)
ISBN: 9780393623574

Golf anyone?

Wes Keown, a member of CBC and higher level math teacher at Battery Creek High, will be coaching their golf team this semester.  It will be open to any homeschoolers, male or female, grades 7 through 12.  Practices will be Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Practices start the last week of January, with matches during the months of March and April. Matches are also on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Practices are flexible, and students can make up practice time at the home course, Sanctuary, on Cat Island.
For more information, contact Wes as soon as possible at

Still time to sign up for Debate Club!!!!

From Teresa Castrinos –

Weekly Debate Club available for second semester through the Learn Together Lowcountry Co-Op for homeschoolers.

Fridays at 12:30 at Grace Coastal Church 15 Williams Dr, Okatie SC.

Contact Hannah Hicks at 843-441-4079 for more information.

Links to details and registration below.

Congrats to the Ramseurs!

Won’t you join us in helping blessing the Ramseur family? Sign up below!healthy meal

The Ramseur’s welcomed baby Amadeus Jerrod Ramseur to their family last week. 12/28/18

Would you please consider taking them a meal, sending a note, and/or praying for them as they transition?

2 Adults, 7 children

For Sale: Teaching Textbooks 7 1st Edition

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For Sale: Teaching Textbooks 7 1st Edition
complete set in very good condition.