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ISO: Recliner

Name * Jasmine christian
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Hello, my mother had surgery yesterday and the doctor says she would need to sleep sitting upwards for a week and a recliner would be best. We do not have one and I was hoping to borrow/rent one from someone before I head to the thrift shop to look for one. If anyone one can help it would be appreciated

19-20 CBCCA School year

This is an informal survey as I am looking at report due dates for next school year. Let me know when you usually start school in the fall and when you usually end in the spring. I am trying to be accommodating as possible! THANKS! Claudia

Go Round the World tonight!

Last meeting of the year,  but it is a fun one! Come travel around the world, do you have your passport ready?????? Please use the Atrium entry- from 6:00-8:00pm TONIGHT-All are welcome!


ISO: Master Books

Name * Becky Fondelier
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Phone Number (412) 417-7404
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ISO: Master Books curriculum (any) to look at more closely and possibly buy if selling and what I need. But basically want to see the books and flip through pages. Looking at Math/Literature/ History

ISO:Math U See Algebra 2 teaching dvds

Name * Julie Price

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Hi Homeschool Families!

I am looking to borrow the Math U See Algebra 2 teaching dvds for the next couple of months.

We will take really good care of them.

Thank you for your time,
Julie Price

International Fest/Last meeting of the year!

int fest

Book Blast Volunteers Still Needed!!!

book blast 2019 volunteersBook Blast 2019 ALL INFO

Ancient Literature with Composition Class offered

Dear Parents,

My name is Dawn Curry, and I have been teaching a high school classical literature class for two years. I will be offering a high school class on Ancient Literature with Composition with a focus on persuasive/argumentative writing for the upcoming school year (2019-2020). It will be on Tuesdays with the exact time to be determined. We meet in the CBC Youth Center each week from September through mid-May.

I am also looking at offering a junior high literature and composition class if there is a need.

If you would be interested in signing your students up for either of these courses, please email me with name, grade and any questions. The classes will have a monthly cost plus any books that are required for the class. Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Dawn Curry

ISO moms w/ experience navigating TCL ECCO

ISO moms with experiencing navigating the TCL dual enrollment scene

I would really appreciate the opportunity to talk with moms who have kids at TCL. I’d love to know what classes/teachers you’d recommend and any other tips you may have.

Please email Julie at
A thousand thanks!


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