Special Needs Testing available

From Susan Blackwell:

We will be in Beaufort, SC at CBC on March 23, and 24 for testing (Woodcock Johnson III test) and for consultations with parents of students with Special Needs. Note that the WJ test can be given to ANY student, and the results are given to the parent the day of the test. If your child struggles to stay attentive to a typical standardized test, the WJ is the best solution. see more info at http://www.homeschoolingthespecialneedschild.com For a testing or consultation session please call 803-429-3899.Susan Blackwell

Spring Clothing Swap

Upcoming important dates

Job available!

Name * Ashlee Shotwell
Email * ashlee@lowcountrypcs.com
Phone Number (843) 505-0062
Announcement Request *
Precision Cleaning Solutions, LLC is hiring for morning and evening shifts starting immediately! Starting hourly pay is between $15-18 depending on experience, with increases after 90 days. Job positions are in Bluffton. Please serious inquiries only! Feel free to email or text me for more information. Thank you!

Give away time!!!


PASS test ordering deadline


The deadline to order PASS Tests is this SUNDAY March 5th.

If you have not already let me know you plan to order please email me @ horryherdof8@gmail.com with 

Student Name, Grade, Parent Name and address so I can add you to the list.

Payment MUST be made by this SUNDAY.

Cost: $26

Make checks payable to: CBC Memo: PASS Test

Co-Op registration link not finalized yet

Hey everyone – I do not have the registration done for 2023-24 High School Co-Op but we do have the schedule almost finalized. We have added a World History class that will be using Notgrass and we may have a computer class. 

Thank you for your patience!

Charlotte Cushman


Grays area Homeschool families………

Name *Brittany Bishop
Please provide appropriate contact info and check how you want people to respond. *emai lcall text
Email *thegrayshousefarm@gmail.com
Phone Number(803) 398-7559
Announcement Request *Good morning!Our family lives in Grays and was hoping to find more homeschooling families in (or near) this area who might be interested in meeting once a month or so for fellowship. There’s not much going on for homeschoolers here; we usually have to drive 45+ minutes for activities. It would be wonderful to have a little homeschooling “village” closer to home. Please feel free to reach out if this is something you’re interested in! 🙂

ISO Skates

Looking to buy size 8 women’s inline skates or roller skates (outdoor not rink).  

Please text Laura at 843-929-2514. 

New Meal Schedule for Smith Family

Randall is scheduled for another heart cath next week and possibly more procedures. Let’s help their family with meals as they walk through these challenges. Thanks so much!