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Lots of Abeka homeschool books for sale! Email katie.guthrie@hotmail.com if interested or would like to see pictures.

6th Grade
$10 for both
-New World History & Geography Test Key
-New World History & Geography Quiz Key

-Arithmetic 6 Teacher Quiz, Test, & Speed Drill Key $5

-Adventures in Greatness Speed & Comprehension Reader $10 (Brand New)

5th Grade
$5 each or $20 for all
– Arithmetic 5 Quizzes & Tests Answer Key
– Language B Quizzes & Tests Answer Key
– Spelling, Vocabulary & Poetry 5 Test Key
– Old World History & Geography Test Key
– Old World History & Geography Quiz Key
– Enjoying Good Health Quiz, Test, & Worksheet

Arithmetic 5 Quizzes & Tests Answer Key
– Language B Quizzes & Tests Answer Key
– Spelling, Vocabulary & Poetry 5 Test Key
– Old World History & Geography Test Key
– Old World History & Geography Quiz Key
– Enjoying Good Health Quiz, Test, & Worksheet Key

4th Grade
$35 for all
– History & Geography 4 Curriculum & Lesson Plan $10
– History of our United States Textbook $12
– History of our United States Textbook Answer Key $5
– History Geography/Maps Answer Key $5
– History of our Unites States Text/Quiz Answer Key $5

$25 for all
– Science & Health 4 Curriculum & Lesson Plan $8
– Science Textbook $12
– Science Textbook Answer Key $5
– Science Text/Quiz Answer Key $5

-4th grade geography maps
-American bird flashcards.

$15 for all
– Developing Good Health Textbook Answer Key $5
– Developing Good Health Textbook $10
– Developing Good Health Test/Quiz Answer Key $5

-4th grade geography maps
-American bird flashcards

– Language A Tests/Quizzes $5
– Spelling Vocabulary & Poetry Tests Answer Key $5

3rd Grade
– Health & Manners 3 Textbook $8
– Health & Manners 3 Textbook Answer Key $5
– Health & Manners 3 Test/Quiz Answer Key $5

– Language 3 Test Key $5

– American Quizzes & Tests 3 $5

– Health & Manners 3 Quizzes & Tests Answer Key $5

– Primary Bible Reader $5

– Sing His Praises Hymns & Choruses Never Used $10

Spanish Class

Name *Jeanah Vernoy
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Email *laragirljlv@gmail.com
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Hello, everyone! My name is Jeanah Vernoy. On August 26th, I would like to begin teaching a Spanish 1 class primarily for high school students. However, I am willing to consider any 7th graders that may be interested on a case by case basis. The class will be held on Wednesday afternoons from 2:00 to 3:20. The monthly fee per student is $50. I am excited to have the opportunity to help your students come to love Spanish as much as I do. My prayer is that they will be able to use what they learn to impact a Spanish-speaking person they know for the kingdom of God. If you are interested, the best way to contact me is by email at laragirljlv@gmail.com.

Required Materials: Abeka’s Spanish 1 Curriculum
1. “Por Todo el Mundo” Student book 1A and 1B
2. Vocabulary Manual
Student test book

Math Assistant Online Grading for Saxon

From Charlotte –

Hey everyone! I came across this yesterday and am going to give this a try with my family to save time and make my math instruction more effective.

There is a program called My Math Assistant which automatically checks and grades Saxon math. I am going to to give it a try this year. It gives the student immediate feedback on whether they got their problem correct so that they are not practicing incorrectly.

This forces the students to seek help instead of just think “oh ok” and move on… because they don’t have the answer key in front of them to give them a false sense of confidence in their ability to do the problem. For those students who do not check their own work but rely on mom … it keeps them from having the excuse… “mom you didn’t have time to check it, so I couldn’t move on, skipped it etc.”

It grades practice problems, mixed practice and tests. You can customize what students have to complete to move on.

They have a free trial so that you can try it out and the pricing is reasonable. If you participate in Classical Conversations there is a discount for the first three months (message me privately if that applies to you).

If you are interested – this is the link https://mymathassistant.com/.

Math Classes – Days and Times Changed

From Charlotte Cushman –

Hey everyone! I have changed the days for my Algebra group tutoring sessions to Wed/Fri to better accommodate families who had other obligations on Mondays.

This is live tutoring in a group setting online.

Classes will begin on August 12th.

I have also changed the times to better fit in with any afternoon sports.

Hopefully, if you were interested in one of the classes and the scheduling didn’t work out before – this will give you another option.

Please check out the website here: https://thehomeschoolmathclasscom.wordpress.com/

Saxon Algebra 2 – Wed/Fri – 11:40 – 12:50

Saxon Algebra 1 – Wed/Fri – 12:50 – 2:00

Saxon Algebra 1/2 – Wed/Fri – 2:00 – 3:10

Please call/text me at 843-592-1502 if you need more information. Or email me at charlottecushman@gmail.com


Name * Amber Eady

Email * Mrmrseady3@gmail.com
Phone Number (843) 683-3239
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Hey there everyone, we hope everyone is enjoying there summer. A friend of ours is selling yummy eggs for $3.00 a dozen. They are free ranged Chickens. We have bought from them for many years now and that is all we eat. My husband can bring them to Lowes in Beaufort and you can pick them up there, or bring them to church or I can meet when ever is needed. Just let me know at least a day in advance so I can pick them up from her. you can call, text or email me anytime. Thank you.😁

Curriculum for sale

Name * Tracy Behrens

Email * 1cor.ten31@gmail.com
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For Sale:

Math U See Algebra 1 complete set $30
Math U See Geometry complete set $30
IEW’s Phonetic Zoo Level A cds $15
IEW’s Phonetic Zoo Level B cds $15
See The Light Art Class dvds $15
Apologia Who Is God And Can I Really Know Him? $10
Apologia Who Am I And What Am I Doing Here? $10
Chemistry 101 series dvds $10

I also have various middle and high school literature books I would love to sell for $1.

Please email me specific titles if you are interested.

Thank you for your time,
Tracy Behrens

Looking for ABEKA Biology Curriculum

From Courtney F –

If anyone has any experience with ABEKA biology or would like to lend/sell their biology curriculum- please contact Courtney at: +1 (843) 252-3547.


Yep, more legos!

LEGO Heavy-Lift Helicopter $25.00 – MISSING DOORS TO ATV

LEGO Castle Gold Getaway (70401) $15.00-Two missiles replaced with orange instead of gold colored missile. Green and yellow jewel are missing. 

Lego City Fire Off-Road Fire Rescue (7942) $8.00

More legos!!!

LEGO City Police High Speed Chase Building Set 60007 $15.00-missing one figure

LEGO Creator Forest Animals (31019) $15.00 this makes 3 different animals(100% complete)

Contact Jennifer Bales: jennbales@yahoo.com

Live Online Math Classes Available Starting Aug 10th

From Charlotte Cushman


Homeschool moms know that they don’t have unlimited time. In fact, you probably know that it is very difficult to personally tutor every lesson for every subject for every student in your homeschool.

YouTube videos and DVDs are great resources … but wouldn’t it be nice if your student could interact with other students and a live tutor as they are working through their Saxon textbooks?

That is what I offer.

Twice a week for seventy minutes each, your student will work with a live tutor, working through the examples and practice problems of the Saxon text along with other students. Students will ask questions and participate with a goal of demonstrating understanding of the material as they work through the material together.

This year I am offering Algebra 1/2, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.

Classes are Monday/Wednesdays

For times, more information and pricing go to thehomeschoolmathclass.com.