Book Sale this Saturday May 19th

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Cleanning Out The Curriculum Closet – Book Sale this Saturday May 19th from 8:00 to 1:00 at 5010 Dogwood St. in Beaufort. Lots of reading, bios, I Can Read books. Curriculum for every subject. Rod & Staff, Usborne, BJU, Abeka, Saxon, Learning Language Arts through Literature, Total Language Plus, Math U Spell, PAC, Apologia, Greenleaf, Draw & Write Through History, just to name some. Supplements, Games, Arts & Crafts, Scrapbooking Supplies. Price to sell everything needs a new home!

1st grade Abeka for sale

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Name * Jacqui Kirksey
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Selling 1st grade A-Beka Curriculum Complete Set-Never Used- excellent condition, asking $100, originally paid over $200

Abeka 2nd grade for sale

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Name * Katie Guthrie
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Abeka 2nd Grade Arithmetic Curriculum/Lesson PlansAbeka 2nd Grade Test and Speed Drills Teacher KeyAbeka 2nd Grade Charts & Games

Total package for $20. Message me at if you are wanting it. Thanks, Katie


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Contact Kaye Ertter if you have any of these to sell!

Sonlight Core E Books

1. King of the Mound
2. The Landmark History of the American People: From Charleston to the Moon, Volume II
3. The Search of the Source
4. Wee Sing America CD
5. Starting Strong
6. The World Wars (Usborne)
7. Lights in a Dark Place
8. One Voice: The Story of William Wilberforce
9. Little Britches
10. A Summer of Sundays
11. The Seventeenth Swap

Sonlight Core G Books

1. The Kingdom Strikes Back

2. The Monk Who Shook the World

3. The Hidden Treasure of Glastonbury

4. Usborne Encyclopedia–12,000 Years of World History

5. Mystery of History Volumes 1-4


Name * Stacey Horry
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PASS Test Results are in!

I will have them in the atrium between services tomorrow (May 13th) between services and again on Wednesday.

Stacey Horry

Literature Classes Offered

From Dawn Curry –
Hello Parents,
I am considering offering different grade levels of literature classes for the 2018-2019 school year based on feedback from y’all. Below are the different options that could be possible:
1. 5th/6th Grade Grammar and Literature Course which would include Easy Grammar, basic writing and reading of classical literature—a total of 8-10 students possible
2. 7th/8th Grade Literature and Composition Course which could include Easy Grammar, but ultimately would include the basics of writing and reading classical literature—a total of 8 students possible
3. 9th-12th Grade World Literature and Composition CourseThis course has been offered to my returning students, and I have room for possibly 3-5 more students (first come basis).
If you would be interested in signing your students up for any of these courses, please email me with name, grade and any questions. The classes will have a monthly cost plus any books that are required for the class.
Dawn Curry

ISO: curriculum

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Name * Erica Lawson
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Phone Number (843) 304-4449


Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 2nd edition and Tests and Solutions book

Saxon Algebra 1, 3rd edition

Principles of Mathematics set (teacher and student books) Book 2

Please email or text me if you have any of these resources available for sale.

Thank you,


Ice Skating Lessons


Did you borrow this???

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I am looking for my Science in the Ancient World text and Helps & Hints book set. I bought it last May with the Science in the Beginning set and cannot find it anywhere. I am assuming I loaned it to someone. Please let me know you have it if you are not done with it and bring it back if you are 🙂 Thank you.

2018 Book Blast Announcements








Venue: Community Bible Church, 638 Parris Island Gateway Beaufort, SC 29901

Mark These Dates On Your Calendars!!

Drop Off Day is Friday, June 8, from 1-7PM
*If you are not local and don’t want to drive to Beaufort two days in a row, please email us soon for information on an early pick up.

Shopping Day is Saturday, June 9, from 9AM-1PM
Book Pickup is Saturday, June 9, from 2-3:30PM
*Please allow us this hour to organize any leftover books. We will have a special room set up for those wishing to wait on ca


Questions? Email

Selling Books Information

• 4 Criteria For Drop Off Day

o Inventory List
o (SASE) self-addressed stamped envelope
o Seller Fee $5.00
o All items must be properly labeled

• Please Select From the Follo

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Frequently Asked Questions – Go to for the FAQ’s. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, be sure to email us at the above address.

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entering inventory using this system Thursday, June 8th at midnight.

Go to to register and enter books into the bar code system.

Manual Labeling Instructions – If you prefer to manually label your books, you can find the instructions here, There is an additional 10% processing fee to use this method.

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