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Action Alert!

It’s time to act NOW in order to save lives!

During last year’s legislative session the South Carolina House passed the Heartbeat Bill (H. 3020). Now it’s time for the Senate to follow their lead on this very important legislation. We were happy to see Senate leaders give the Heartbeat Bill a hearing and vote in the committee process last Fall, but there is much to overcome if this bill is to become law!

If the Heartbeat bill becomes law it will be the strongest pro-life legislation that has advanced in the South Carolina General Assembly since Roe vs. Wade. If South Carolina passes the Heartbeat bill, we will join with many other states across the country that have publicly made a stand for Life!

It’s important for South Carolina to pass the Heartbeat bill in order to continue the national momentum from last year and help encourage SCOTUS (The Supreme Court) to overturn Roe! The Supreme Court needs to see more states taking a stand for Life. If the Ohio legislature can pass their Heartbeat bill and we can not, then we may need to relinquish our proud title as the buckle of the Bible Belt.

Here is where the Heartbeat bill currently stands.

The Heartbeat Bill must overcome several procedural hurdles in order to become law. Unlike the SC House, the Senate has several rules which make reaching a final floor vote more difficult.

Since opposing Senators will likely try to stop the bill by placing a “Minority Report” on it, the Heartbeat bill must achieve “Special Order” status in order for the bill to be sent to the Senate Floor for the final votes. Once on the Senate Floor, the opposing side can then filibuster the bill, further delaying the process until time runs out. To overcome this, another procedural move called “Cloture” must succeed.

So, before it can even get to the Senate Floor, Heartbeat must first get two very important procedural wins. This leaves the Heartbeat Bill in a very difficult position since it needs the support of a “super majority” of the voting members present to overcome the obstacles. At this time, Heartbeat can’t afford to lose the vote of a single Senator, and we must make sure that every Senator knows that this is the most important vote of the year!

We need you, your family, and your friends to join us on Wednesday, January 15th at 11:00 a.m. at the South Carolina State House for the Heartbeat RallyIt’s time for us to speak with one voice for the unborn! We will gather at the State House for a Press Conference and Rally to show our Legislators just how important this issue is to the people of South Carolina. Please follow these links for more information and to register for the rally: and

Will you stand for Life? Join us on Wednesday, January 15th!

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Transcripts for HS Students are due no later then Wed. Jan 15th. If you need help, I will be glad to do so! Also, the meeting for graduating seniors will be held at 8:00pm on Wed the 15th. in room 102.

Questions? Email or call……   843-525-0089


7ft long, solid wood decorative train. Each individual car weighs about 15lbs.

Paid $125 for it, asking $50

text laura @ 843-812-2818


ISO: Dictionary

Name * Evelyn Owens
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If you have a dictionary you are not using and would like to donate to the CBC Co-Op, please let me know. The students will put them to good use:) Thanks.
Evelyn Owens
Please text me at 843-812-1828 or email

ISO: Couch

Name * Abby Nicholas

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Phone Number (843) 476-6289
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We are in need of a couch – we don’t have a lot to spend- if anyone has one they are looking to get rid of please let us know. Text or email please. We can pick up on weekends. Thank you so much

Christmas Audio Dramas/Link UPdated!

Name * Betty Smith
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Wanted to share two free Christmas Audio drama’s with you: Merry Christmas!

The Candle in the Window

Gather the family and listen to Lamplighter Theatre’s The Candle in the Window.

Treasures of the Snow

Hi Claudia,  I must of forgot the link to Treasures of the Snow.  Could you add that link to the post I sent for the homeschool group.
Thanks to Mrs. Bywater for pointing that out!  And it’s a great day to listen to these. Thank you! Betty
Treasures of the Snow by Moody Radio

Treasures of the Snow by Moody Radio

Christmas carols at Helena House

Name * Brenda Harmon
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Please join us as we bless the residents of Helena House Monday, December 23, 2019, 1 PM-2 PM
with Christmas carols & fellowship.
If you would like to bring cupcakes/Christmas cookies, they are welcomed, but not mandatory.
Please call, email, or text Brenda Harmon
Helena Place (Assisted Living Community)
1624 Paris Ave
Port Royal, SC 29935


Seniors/Parents: There will be a senior meeting for CBCCA class of 2020 on Jan 15th at 8:00pm in room 115. Please make every effort to attend. (previously posted Jan 8th)

Saxon 6/5

I just discovered this Youtube teacher for Saxon 6/5. He is such a blessing to Anna Lauren and me this year. I have not heard anything inappropriate so far.
Thanks so much,
Tim Hines

Tim Hines

This is a channel I made for my fifth grade class explaining the Saxon Math Intermediate 5 textbook lessons, inv…

Green Dress needed!!!

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Hello- I received a request for help- a single dad is looking for a plain green dress for his daughter for a Christmas program tonight. She is size 6x-7. If you have one that you do not need please call and I will pick up and deliver it to him. Thank you for reading and helping.