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Book Blast 2019!

book blast 2019

Fall 2019 High school Co-op Classes!

Name * Tracy Behrens
Email *
Phone Number (843) 227-0300

Hi Fellow Homeschool Families!

A lot of parents are starting to plan for next school year and I want to make sure you all know about the CBC co-op starting next school year. The co-op will offer classes for K-12 grade.

This information is specifically for high school families interested in the co-op. Please contact Tracy with questions, do not reply to this post. 

The CBC co-op is open to all CBC homeschool families. You do NOT have to be a member of CBCCA.

There is not a fee to join the co-op. However, all curriculum and/or lab fees are the responsibility of the co-op member families.
9:00 – 9:20 Opening (20 minutes)
9:22 – 10:02 Bible (40 minutes)
10:02 – 10:42 English (40 minutes)
10:42 – 10:50 Break (8 minutes)
10:50 – 11:30 Science Lab (40 minutes)
11:30 – 12:10 History (40 minutes)
12:10 – 12:45 Lunch and Fellowship (35 minutes)
Opening: The entire co-op (littles and HS) will come together first thing in the morning for prayer, pledges, announcements, etc.

Bible: Plan A is for an older man from CBC to teach a bible class. If an older man cannot be found to teach the bible class then plan B is to use the Introduction to Logic by MasterBooks.

English: This will include writing, grammar and vocabulary. (

Science Lab: The first and third weeks of the month would focus on either chemistry or biology and then the second and fourth would focus on the other. The science lab time will focus on completing experiments and the lab reports.

History: American History (

This is a co-op and a ministry of and for homeschooling families to help and come along side other homeschooling families. The thrust of the co-op is to provide instruction on co-op day and then students will complete assignments at home for the rest of the week while the parents supervise and help as needed with instruction. Grading of assignments and creating transcripts/progress reports will be the responsibility of the parent(s).

If you have any questions or are interested in the co-op for next school year, please contact me.

Tracy Behrens

Books for Sale.

Name * Katie Guthrie
Email *
Announcement Request *
Books for Sale.
Must go immediately.
I can meet this Sunday at church or hold for you in the coming week.
All books are in excellent shape.

$1 – K Grade Problem Solving – $1
$1 – Primary Bible Reader – $1

$2 each – 1st Grade Abeka Writing & Seatwork Curriculum/Lesson Plans (I have two of them)
$2 – 1st Grade Abeka Letters & Sounds Test Key
$1 – 1st Grade Abeka Language 1 Seatwork Text Teacher Key

$1 – 2nd Grade Abeka Arithmetic Charts & Games
$2 – 2nd Grade Abeka Arithmetic Tests & Speed Drills Teacher Key
$2 – 2nd Grade Abeka Arithmetic Curriculum/Lesson Plans

$1- 3rd Grade Health & Manners Answer Key to Text Questions
$1 each – 3rd Grade Language Abeka Text Key (I have two of these)
$3 – 3rd Grade Abeka Health & Manners Textbook
$2 – 3rd Grade Abeka Health & Manners Teacher Quiz/Test/Worksheet Key (I have two of these)
$2- 3rd Grade Abeka History Quizzes & Tests

$2- 4th Grade Abeka Art A
$2- 4th Grade Abeka Read & Think Skill Sheets
$2 – 4th Grade Abeka Language A Quizzes & Tests
$2 – 4th Grade Abeka Language A Teacher Quizzes & Test Key
$2 – 4th Grade Abeka Spelling Tests
$2 – 4th Grade Abeka Spelling Tests Teacher Key

$2 – 6th Grade Arithmetic Abeka Teacher Quiz, Test, & Speed Drill Key
$2- 6th Grade Abeka Adventures in Greatness Speed & Comprehension Reader

5th grade Field trip???

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Cupcakes needed!

Name * Evelyn Owens
Please provide appropriate contact info and check how you want people to respond. *
  • email
Email *
Phone Number (843) 812-1828
Announcement Request *
Hey Friends,
It’s that time of year again when we get the opportunity to contribute to the Easter Eggstravaganza, April 20, in some way. We need 500 cupcakes baked for the event. If you can make one or two batches, please let me know. We make it easy for you. NO ICING, please. Just be sure and bake them in cake liners. Email me so I know how many will be coming. When you email, I will give drop off information. Thanks, Evelyn Owens

For Sale: 6 Educational Laminated Placemats

For Sale: 6 Educational Laminated Placemats $12.00 for All of Them

Our World/The Seven Continents

The United States of America/United States Flags with Some Facts About the United States

The Presidents of the United States of America (Thru George Walker Bush)/Facts About Each President

Solar System/Facts about Our Solar System

Multiplication Tables

Division Tables

Please email or texted me if you are interested.

Thank You!

Terry Beach

843 592-0405

Dad’s Fellowship Reminder!


ISO: Furniture

Name * Abby Nicholas
Email *
Phone Number (843) 476-6289
Announcement Request *
Looking for furniture
We’re moving soon and would love to find some low priced or preferably free furniture – we’re in need of a couch/sofa, dining table with chairs – or anything else that is low priced, can’t afford to spend much right now with the move. Thanks!

Abby Nicholas

Books for sale

Contact Kaye Ertter if interested!




These math books are in excellent shape (like new); however, there is not an answer key so would have to just not have one or order the Answer Key on Amazon or Ebay or wherever. Based on the above, even though each set was $200, lets say $20.


3rd grade. In good condition. $10.00


The book is like new. Asking $25.00



Book would be great summer reading or to use for the school year. $10. Like new!!!


Book would be great summer reading or to use for the school year. $10. Like new!!! 




The Manual of these sets is an instruction guide for the parent to teach from.  So this is 2nd grade for lst and 2nd semester.  Let’s say $30 total.  Text books are in excellent condition and there is only some wear on the cover of the manuals.


The Manual of these sets is an instruction guide for the parent to teach from.  So this is 2nd grade for lst and 2nd semester.  Let’s say $30 total.  Text books are in excellent condition and there is only some wear on the cover of the manuals.

Books for sale


Make an offer on each book or all of the books Together:

How to have Kids with Character Even if You Kids Are Characters by Nadine M. Brown

How to Study: A practical guide from a Christian perspective by Edward J. Shewan

How to Read A Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading by Mortimer J Adler & Charles Van Doren

English Handbook for Christian Schools by Grace C. Collins

Abeka Books: Handbook of Grammar and Composition by James A. Chapman

Your Child Can Ce a Super Reader by Len Kusnetz

Honey for a Child’s Heart by Gladys Hunt

Books Children Love: A guide to the Best Children’s Literature by Elizabeth Wilson

$20.00 for all of Gregg & Josh Harris Training Materials from Christian Life Workshop

Listed below in this package

The 21 Rules of this House – Laminated Poster

Rules for Young Friends – Laminated Poster

Biblical Code of Conduct -Laminated Poster – part 1 & 2 by John Thompson

Uncommon Courtesy for Kids – laminated Placemat Poster

Uncommon Courtesy for Kids: A training Manual for Everyone

The 21 Rules of This House: A training Manual for Preschoolers

Rules for Young Friends Training Kit