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US Service Academy Nomination Info

Fellowship Reminder

We will be meeting in room 102 at 7:00pm tonight and addressing your high school questions.

Items for sale SOLD!!!!!

Bench with cubbies. 40” wide by 15” deep. Cushions definitely need to be recovered, I suppose you could use without the cushions. $25.00 Also 27” x 12’ long runner. $20.00. Text Claudia 843-812-2864.

CBCCA Fellowship and Senior Info

Please mark your calendar for the September Fellowship on Tuesday Sept 14 at 7:00pm. I will be on hand to answer any high school questions and specifically talk about the new progress/transcript report……we will meet in room 102.

SENIORS! Your first meeting regarding graduation will be held on Weds Sept 15 after the service (8:00 ish) in room 102. Seniors and Parents should be on hand. If you are unable to attend please contact Theresa Osborne at This week I will be emailing all senior parents (who have turned in this years application-hint hint) a from that will help with graduation planning.


ribbon wands

Hey all ~ Does anyone have a need for a bunch( I forget how many I have but it’s a lot) ribbon wands? They were used for a wedding and are still in beautiful shape! They also have 2 little bells attached. Let me know :)Sue Bingham

Saxon Algebra 1

Name *Tammy Waldron

Email * (843) 368-9597 *For Sale: Saxon Algebra 1 third edition textbook, solutions manual, homeschool packet (test solutions, problem set answers). no tests. $15


Please have your CBCCA application turned in NO LATER THEN Friday. Sept 3rd.

Free-Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry

Name *Colleen Brant
Please provide appropriate contact info and check how you want people to respond. *email
Email *
Announcement Request *Free***
Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry 3rd Edition

Solutions and Tests
Test book
Student Notebook

ISO Plumber

Name *Ashlee Shotwell
Please provide appropriate contact info and check how you want people to respond. *emailcalltext
Email *
Phone Number(843) 505-0062
Announcement Request *ISO a plumber to help us finish the apartment above our garage.

Please call or text Duane at 843-505-0044 or Ashlee at 843-505-0062

Thank you!

CBCCA Application

There seems to be a bit of confusion over what it means to have your application notarized. What that means is a notary must witness you signing your name on the document, so they know you are who you say you are. There are three of us in the office who can notarize, Caren, Laura or myself. Please call ahead….one of us is generally here all the time during office hours.

If you have turned in an application without it being notarized you will receive an email asking you to come back in and re-sign. And so you know, you have always had to have these documents notarized; usually I did them all the night of the annual meeting!

Thanks for your help on this, in this world that is continually growing more hostile toward Christianity and homeschooling we want to make sure that we are maintaining the highest standard possible! Having said that, I also want you to plan on BEATING the deadline for homeschool reports not simply MEETING the deadline. PLEASE make that a priority this year as well as attending the required three meetings. I have been informed that late reports and/or not attending three meetings will jeopardize your membership in CBCCA. Thanks so much for helping me with this!!