Lots of books for sale………….

Name: Julie Price
Email: kids2edu@yahoo.com
I missed the Book Blast, but went through my curriculum and I am wanting to sell some of it and wanted to know if anyone is interested. All materials are in good condition with IG having some marks and notes on them.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sonlight Core A (K-2) Intro to World Cultures: Full Year Program
$200 obo

Sonlight Core B+C (ages 7-9): Intro to World History, 1-Year Condensed. IG + Most of the books
$200 obo

Sonlight Core C (ages 7-9) Intro to World History, Part 2
$200 obo

Lifepac Language Arts, Grade 4 Workbook 3-10 + Instructor Guide  $20

Biology, Botany, and Physics (Sonlight Science A)
IG + Books $50

Geology, Meteorology, and Mechanical Technology (Sonlight Science C) IG + most of books.$50

Language Arts 2 Sonlight Only the Instructor Guide:  $25

Language Arts 2 Sonlight Early Readers (IG+ Readers) $50

Language Arts 3 Readers:  reading with short Chapter Books Sonlight (IG + Readers)$50

Language Arts 4-5 reading with longer chapter books:Sonlight
(IG+ Readers)$60

Trophies: Practice Book Grade 5 1st Edition (Harcort) $5

Handwriting Without Tears Student Workbook (Grade 1) $5

Handwriting Without Tears 2nd Grade Teacher Guide $10

Horizon Math Teacher Book Level K Includes most of the manipulative needed and Mathtacular DVD:  $30

Saxon Math 1 Teacher Guide also included is some play money and flashcards. $20

Saxon Math 7/6 Hardback Book $10

Children’s Book of Art (Art Appreciation Elective)Sonlight $10

ARTistic Pursuits (Art elective) Grades K-3 Book 1 2nd edition
Sonlight $25

How to See (Art Appreciation Elective ) Sonlight $15

First Year Teacher’s Survival Guide 2nd Edition $5

Introductory and Intermediate Algebra (College Level) $10

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