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My name is Tracy Suchocki, and my husband and I are reaching out to tell you about our new site, Conceptual Academy, which offers high school science curriculum.

Conceptual Academy offers self-study courses in physics, chemistry, astronomy, and physical science based on the popular conceptual line of science textbooks, including Conceptual Physics, Conceptual Chemistry, and others. Each course includes video lessons, textbook reading assignments organized around a particular theme, unit exams, quizzes, worksheets, chapter summaries, and detailed guidance from the authors about the content. Nearly 500 of the site’s videos are offered free for those not needing a full self-study course. For more, visit

Conceptual Academy’s Chemistry self-study course was reviewed by Cathy Duffy, known for her rigorous assessments of homeschool curricula. Read the review here:

John Suchocki a long-time advocate of “student-centered” learning, also known as the flipped classroom model. The main idea of Conceptual Academy is that it encourages the student to articulate what they think they understand with their peers, under the guidance a parent or facilitator. With Conceptual Academy, students can enjoy high quality lectures at home, and then get together in groups to engage in projects and activities.

We are hopeful that you would be willing to check out Conceptual Academy and share this information with the homeschool families in your group as a helpful resource for high school students.

Thank you for this consideration. Please let us know what questions you may have.

Good chemistry!

Tracy & John Suchocki

Tracy Suchocki
(802) 985-9987

John Suchocki, Ph.D.
Author, Conceptual Chemistry,

Conceptual Physical Science, et. al.
Adjunct Professor Chemistry & Physics
Saint Michael’s College
(802) 985-9987

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