Missionary need

Please see below, I spoke to this person on the phone and I am posting this with a disclaimer as always, “caveat emptor”!  Claudia

My name is Daniel Lemke and I am a missionary traveling the four corners of the United States by bicycle to raise awareness about domestic sex trafficking. I am currently in Charleston SC and am heading south to Florida. I am 5 months into the trip for 15 months total.

I am looking for a place to sleep tonight (9/18) in Beaufort because the place I was going to stay at fell through.

You can check out our nonprofit at BikeThroughTraffic.com, or Facebook.com/bikethroughtraffic

If you know anyone that would be willing to host me for the night that would be amazing and a huge blessing. My phone number is 970-599-5861.

For Freedom,
Daniel Lemke
President of Break The Cycle

One response

  1. I am sending this email about Daniel Lemke the man who is cycling North America to raise awareness about child sex trafficking. An email was sent out yesterday asking for anyone willing to put him up for the night. We are the family he stayed with last night and today he is traveling to Savannah and looking for another place to stay. We would love to help him find a place and are wondering if there is anyone willing? We will vouch that he is legit in what he is doing and have enjoyed our time with him as he shared his heart and burden for these kids who have been horribly abused. Just wanted to share and put this out there to see if anyone was willing to help. His number is 970-599-5861. You can check out his website (www.bikethroughtraffic.com) and if anyone would like to call me Laurie Eatman with questions please feel free my number is 919-302-6970. Blessings, Laurie

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