CBCCA Yearbook Photos Oct 14th

Name * Sue Cerrillo
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Email * sue.cerrillo.201@gmail.com
Phone Number (712) 249-1095
CBCCA Yearbook Photos Oct 14th (Kindergarten thru 11th)

Please have your child/ren to the Children’s Building next Wednesday, Oct 14th, between 9:45am and Noon at CBC to get a photo of them taken for this year’s yearbook.

Lisa O’Brien has graciously offered to take the individual photos of the kids Kindergarten thru 11th grade again this year for free for the yearbook. Additional prints may be ordered from her directly. The seniors will have a separate photo day in the future.

If you are not a part of CBCCA you are still welcome to have your child’s photo taken and may order from Lisa directly if you so choose.

For those who are attending Women’s Life that morning, we will do our best to make sure that we get a photo of your child some time during the morning if they are in attendance.

There will be a make up date on October 28th.

If you have any further questions. Please feel free to contact me.

I will have earlier copies of the yearbook available for you to see that day.



One response

  1. Could you please ask if she is willing to do pictures for siblings? She did them last year. Just want to make sure it’s ok



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