Baby Items for Sale

From Melissa –

I have the footed warm pajama’s from 3 months to 18 months and possibly 24 months. I have spring and summer clothes shorts, tops and Capri pants) from size 3 months to 12 months and some 18 months (Capri style pants and tank tops).  I have some winter clothes in 12 months and some 18 months. I only have a couple of fancy dresses and a handful of other dresses.  I have lots of socks up to size 24 months, bibs (more unisex than girls),(5) 8oz Advent bottles, Baby Einstein stand up toy goes to 25 pounds and was only used three weeks, adjustable height. Also a Baby Einstein tummy time pillow. I have a handful of shoes but in bigger sizes not the little baby sizes.  I am sure I have other stuff as well.  Not so much blankets (she uses most of mine from when I was a baby). I do have receiving blankets! I know a lot of people don’t use cloth diapers but I have gdiapers. I am still using the inserts for the M/L/XL so I can’t sell those yet, but I do have the small green/orange pants with extra rubber liners and around 24 hemp inserts. I found these easy!!! I even have some of the flushable liners that I will sell with them. You snap the rubber liner into the pant then put the hemp inserts in then put the flushable liners on top of that, if you want to use the liners. I found it easier for cleaning.

Text me at 843-694-4905.

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