Please spread the word!  We are pursuing teens who are interested in missions and teens that have committed to mission trips.  Please encourage anyone in your club or anyone who has shown interest in Good News Club to sign up for this training. 

Go to:  cef-lowcountry.com

(click on Trainings on the left hand tool bar and then click onRegister )   

What?:       Good News Club Training + Dinner

Where?:     Community Bible Church, Beaufort Campus

When?:      Tuesday, February 16, 2016,  from 4:30 – 8:30 pm

Who?:        Age: 15 and UP = Volunteers desiring to Share Christ with Children

Cost?:        $10.00 for all materials  and dinner….please pay at the door

Registration:  on line at    www.cef-lowcountry.com

What to Bring?:       A Bible, an appetite, and a smile


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