Campbell Soup Labels

The Campbell Soup Labels Program is ending…

Here is the official announcement:
In the past few years participation in Labels for Education® has declined and as a result, Campbell has come to the very difficult decision to wind down the LFE program. The good news is nothing changes this program year. There will be changes for next year’s program starting August 1, 2016. We will continue to support American kids through our Grand Stand for SchoolsSM sweepstakes and our community efforts which we annually contribute $70 million in food and funding to tackle obesity and hunger amongst our country’s most vulnerable families.

What does this mean for CBCCA? We need to find every Campbell Soup label and get them submitted prior to the end of the school year in May. All rewards remain the same through the end of this school year. Please search your cabinets, your neighbors cabinets and any one who will allow you to remove just the small portion of the label that we need. There is a box located in the resource room of the children’s building to turn in your Campbell Soup labels and Box Tops.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,
Katrina Sheffield
CBC label coordinator

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