Dear friends, I have wanted to provide a home school ID for many years.  With our new database I may be able to finally do that. I can have it print out family ID badges which would include parents names and all the children along with the CBCCA logo. I would have to add data such as the current school year. I know these are helpful for discounts etc. I don’t want to have too much info on there for security reasons, but what other info do you think should be on there, if any? For example, is your address necessary? Do you want individual ones for each student??? I can upload pictures as well-provided you send them to me.

Let me know, thanks-Claudia


One response

  1. Eliana Johnson | Reply

    I’m assuming that most people would entrust that kids would carry it. Instead of putting a personal address place the CBCCA address incase it is lost or misplaced.



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