CBCCA September Meeting

WORKSHOPS BEGIN at 6:30 pm on September 6, 2016

6:30: CBCCA Speech Workshop for moms/dads:  In today’s world, it is vital that Christians rise up as leaders.  One way to encourage our children to lead is by practicing communication skills.
This fall your child will have the opportunity to participate in two CBCCA practice speech events which will offer a variety of speech categories.  One category is “Apologetics”- Pastor Broggi has chosen specific topics for us to train our children in the defense of our faith.
Come join Mark and Sharon Mansell as they share the topics, speech categories and how to teach your children ages 8-18 to present a speech.


7:30: Enhancing Your Child’s Cognitive Abilities: Cognitive skills include brain functions such as auditory and visual processing, working and long-term memory, comprehension, attention, logic and reasoning abilities which are fundamental to a person’s ability to receive, process, retain and apply information.

Come and learn how to strengthen these abilities, which impact job performance, academics, relationships, communication and life skills. It will be a fun introductory time of learning how you can add memory and processing games to your family game night or home school day!

Led by Tammy Waldron and Michele Norman. Please RSVP to tammywaldron@gmail. Having an approximate head count will help us as we prepare.

Refreshments and fellowship provided as well : )

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