Individual School Photos Available

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Individual School Photos Available

Main Bldg at CBCCA
Room 102

All CBCCA families (and anyone else who is homeschooling this year) Please plan on coming to the church next Wednesday evening before service to have your child/ren’s photos taken for the new school year.

For those of you in CBCCA we will use this photo to put in our yearbook for their individual classes.

If you would like to purchase the photo, there will be forms available that night.

There is no obligation to purchase a yearbook or the photo. We have just been given the opportunity to have a professional photo of our kids taken to put in the yearbook. It is a great way to put names and faces together and to see how much the kids grow and change from year to year.

Even if you don’t want a yearbook, please bring in your Child/ren so we can have them represented with the group in their respective classes.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


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