Keep Calm and Put Your Skates On!
Savannah Civic Center delayed releasing their modified and shortened skating season schedule compliments of Hurricane Matthew.  With having to reschedule events and public schools going longer, they are not allotting times for group reservations this year.  However, all is not lost!  We’ve been approved by the director for the school group rate.  We can still show up as a group and skate as a group 🙂
WHEN: December 21, 2016 @ 10:00 a.m. (first morning session)
WHERE: Savannah Civic Center
COST: $5.00 per skater, bystanders free
Email with number of skaters and non-skaters so we know our group size and ensure everyone is able to skate.
#1 – Please arrive 15 minutes early, we want to be there and ready at 10:00 sharp.
#2 – Parking is $.30/hr in metered parking.
#3 – Limited to 150 skaters, payment by Dec 15th to Tracy Cartier, and/or drop off to Laura at the front desk at church.
#4 – There will likely be other skaters in addition to our group.
#5 – Don’t forget to wear socks and dress warm 🙂
~ Tracy ~

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