Frontlines Meals

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It’s almost time! We are getting ready to start Frontlines on January 12th. We are looking for parents to sign up for meals. Here is the link needed to sign up for a meal:

If you would like to volunteer to cook a meal for Frontlines, here is the important info: dinner is served from 6 -7 PM. A main dish, a side dish and a dessert(s) are needed each week to feed about 65-75 people. Drinks, cups, plates and silverware, etc. will be provided. There is a weekly budget of $125.00. You can turn your receipt into Drew Kuehl or directly to Caren in the front office for reimbursement. You may cook at your own home or at the Youth building. You can cook by yourself or with a friend and bring the food to the youth building by 5:30 PMso that everything can be set up to be served by 6 PM. If you have any questions please call Mary Ann Tkach at (843) 812-5106

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