February Home School Meeting

Yearbook Demonstration class!

Come on Tuesday, February 7th at 7PM to the Homeschool Meeting and get a hands on, interactive chance to see a demonstration of the Treering program up close and personal that we use for our yearbook. We will have previous yearbooks available to look at.

This is for first time users and veterans to TreeRing. We would love to have the Senior families especially come to see how to submit Senior pages for the yearbook.

We will walk you through from creating an account (if you are a first timer) to signing in, to submitting a family page for the year. Even how to keep it private.

Even if you are not purchasing a yearbook, you can still submit a family page to be represented in the yearbook for our other families to see and get you know you.

Bring your own laptop with photos that you’d like to use. If you have wifi capability, you can sign into your account at the meeting and begin to create your page that night.
If you have your photos on your phone we can show you how to use the TreeRing app to upload them to the program. (**you can’t work on pages through the app, only a computer**)

What we will cover that evening:
1- Signing into the account (New or confirming existing accounts)
2- Accessing your Personal Pages
3- Basic functions in the program (adding photos, adding text, adding backgrounds)
4- Creating your family page on your personal pages
5- Senior pages
6- A few tricks of the trade
7- The TreeRing app for uploading photos from your phone

Bring your computer… and your questions…. Tracy, Katie and I will do our best to answer any and all questions and be on hand to help you that night.

Sue Cerrillo

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