Homeschool Activities

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Looking for activities that will challenge your homeschoolers.

Next activity is for ages 12 and up for a boating program that the Y-offers.

And a CPR class I think ages 8 or 9 and up can participate.

Ms. Angel is in charge of this group. She is forming a new group.

Next meeting Is Saturday, February, 11 @ 11
Place is St. Helena Library

This is a nonprofit organization and most activities are offered free.

For more information about the Program: (

BlackButterFly uses the Arts (performance, graphic, martial and visual arts) to teach youth skills that can help them become responsible, civic minded and productive self sustaining individuals. A few of the Life Skill tools introduced through the Arts are: basic computer skills, how to properly complete applications, handle an interview, manners/etiquette, public speaking, meditation, appearance, cooking, writing, health & nutrition, self defense, career and vocation counseling, opening and managing a checking or savings account. All of this is accomplished while promoting and encouraging positive self esteem and independence.

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