Name * Evelyn Owens
Email *
Phone Number (843) 812-1828
Hey Friends,
It’s that time of year again when we all get the opportunity to contribute to the Easter eggstravaganza in some way.
I need 500 cupcakes baked for the event. If you can make one or two batches, please let me know. We make it easy for you.
NO ICING, please. Just be sure and bake them in cake liners. Email me so I know how many will be coming. I can give more ideas how you can get involved if anyone is interested.
Thanks bunches!!

5 responses

  1. Hey Evelyn, I can bring two dozen.😃 Brenda

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  2. Harlen Madison | Reply

    We can make cupcakes did you say 50

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  3. Harlen Madison | Reply

    Ignore my first reply. We will make a 24 cupcakes Judy

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  4. Hello Miss Evelyn. I didn’t get the detailed information about where and when to deliver the cupcakes. Thanks, Brenda

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  5. Rhonda Doherty | Reply

    Hey Evelyn, I will make 3 dozen. What day do I need to bring them in and where is the drop off? Rhonda Doherty

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