Any Interest in “Battle of the Books”

If you are interested in coordinating this for CBCCA please let me know and I will forward you the needed info. See below:
“The team collectively reads 20 books from the list provided. These books are specially chosen for either lower school or middle school. The team meets to discuss the content of books. I competed against a 2 member team. I’ve competed with 15 members and also 9. Competition involves questions being asked about one of the 20 books the team can discuss it then one member gives the title and author of the book. It’s not necessarily timed. If one team answers incorrectly the other team gets a chance to earn one point if answered correctly.

I am organizing a competition to be held next school year at Step of Faith. In my experience it’s a positive win win situation and the best form of competition. If you are interested or need more information please let me know.”

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