Mighty Eighth Museum field trip

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I have scheduled a field trip for any 5th grade, middle/high school kids and their parents to visit the Mighty Eighth Museum. The fee is $5 and they will give us a guided tour. Fee is for parents as well.
I asked the guide to make the tour appropriate for middle/high school students. Younger children will not be included in the guided tour and all students need an adult supervisor whether it is a parent or a friend’s parent. Thank you for understanding about the younger children. Also they only accommodate about 30 students so that is another reason I have limited it to the older kids.
The tour is Monday, May 8th at 10:00. Arrive a little early as everyone will pay individually at the door. Everyone needs to make their own travel/car pooling arrangements. If you can, please, send me a short email or text if you plan to attend.
Thanks, Evelyn Owens

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