It’ Book Blast Time!

School is coming to a close and summer is on its way.  That means it’s also time for our annual Book Blast, a Low Country used homeschool book sale.  In fact it is only a month away!

Before I get into the details of the sale, including how to enter books into the bar code system, I want to share some exciting news.  To improve your check out experience, we are buying another scanner!  Currently we have two and a third person who can manually enter tickets, but as anyone who has been to the store on payday weekend knows, that’s just not enough.  We have so many great deals each year and the registers always get over crowded.  So to help with the flow, we are getting a third scanner which should speed up check out times.  To cover the cost of the scanner, we have raised the seller fee to $6.50.  Since this fee is still well below the average seller’s fee, we hope this slight increase won’t prevent any potential sellers from participating.  It is still free to shop.
Alright, on to business.
The Book Blast is June 9th and 10th.
  • Drop Off Day is Friday, June 9, from 1-7PM

*If you are not local and don’t want to drive to Beaufort two days in a row, please email us soon for information on an early pick up.

  • Shopping Day is Saturday, June 10, from 9AM-1PM
  • Book Pickup is Saturday, June 10, from 2-3:30PM

*Please allow us this hour to organize any leftover books. We will have a special room set up for those wishing to wait on campus.

To use the super simple bar code system, go to and register. Instructions can be found here:
If you need help using the barcode system or don’t have access to a computer, feel free to call or text us.  We will gladly meet up with you to help however you need.
You can still create manual tickets, but there is a 10% processing fee.  For more information on manual labeling, click here
For more information about this year’s Book Blast, checkout here:
And we are still looking for volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer, please email or call Heather at as soon as possible so we can organize and see where we still need help.
Questions? Email
          Call or text:
                       May 843-575-2309
                  Heather 843-592-8493

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