My sister and brother-in-law are in their second year of running the Bar N I Ranch in Weston, CO. This is a private ranch owned by the Cabot family. (as in Cabot cheese) They are looking for someone 16 years of age or older who will move there, for six months, and work as a kitchen assistant. They need someone  no later than the second week of June until November. This could work for a guy or girl. If a male takes this position, he would also assist Chris with jobs around the ranch. This job would include working as a prep cook. My sister says it isn’t required that you know how to cook. She is the head chef and her daughter (20) is her pastry chef. Her husband runs the ranch. They need an assistant who will bake cookies daily, help set tables at meal times, wash dishes…Your housing and meals will be paid, they will help with your fare to get there, and you would also receive equal tip share. If you do and excellent job, there is also and end of year bonus.
PLEASE call if you have any questions or know someone who would love an opportunity like this. My sister, brother-in-law and niece use this as a mission field and would LOVE for someone else to come along side to share Christ with the visitors. This could be a mission trip OR an internship OR simply a great adventure for the next 6 months.
I hope that I hear from one of you soon. My cell is 803-528-5595. If I cannot answer your questions, then I will let my sister-on-law contact you.
Jennifer Bales

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