Books for sale

5th grade

literature: treasury of literature emerald forest student book, both teachers books, and the student writers journal. a couple pages are missing from the writers book $30

language arts: McGraw Hill language arts. book says “Florida edition” but still a good book. also comes with a vocab and thesaurus workbook both student and teacher editions. book is repetitive and has lots of practices so students get a good understanding may be a few scribble marks in the book. $20

math: Saxon 54 second edition may be a few scribble marks in book some of the very back pages are stuck together (was like this when i got it) $5
also have saxon math 54 solutions manual and test book but these 3rd edition. $15

health: abeka Developing Good Health book and teachers edition of the test quiz and worksheet book $10

science: Christian Kids Explore Biology this book is in a 3 ring binder and can be used for multiple age groups. $5

history: Explore Our Land book and workbook $15

also have:

saxon 76 3rd edition $5

small handwriting dry erase board- free

various geography history science workbooks 4th-6th grade – free

1st grade primary mathmatics workbook -free

microscope that hooks up to the computer with slides $25


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