2017-2018 CBCCA APPS

The new school year apps are now available here: APPLICATION PACKET 2017-2018

Payment may be made by card/check/cash in person or online here: PAYMENT

Please use the drop down menu to select as the giving designation: “resource/media/other” and then in “Resource or Other Description” box type in “CBCCA dues.”

Report dues dates and meeting dates have been updated as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

3 responses

  1. Theresa Osborne | Reply

    Claudia, Is the updated handbook ready as well? And can you let me know Zachary’s and David’s credits and GPA standings. One last thing…I just want to verify the only required class for Zachary to graduate is Economics. Since he took 2 maths and 2 languages last year is he still required to take those again this year?

    Thanks, Theresa


    1. Theresa, the handbook is not yet updated. I will have to look into everything else and let you know…..

      1. Wow, didn’t realize a reply to your email would post this on here…sorry 😉 Thanks for your help.

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