Looking for rental!

Hello by long-distance way of introducing ourselves, we are christian family of 4, Jeff, Camilla and our girls Sofia (age 7) and Annika (age 5) living near Pisa, Italy.  I am a civilian working for a U.S. Army garrison here.  And, we are moving to the Beaufort area by early to mid August due to my new job (Jeff) at MC Parris Island (also civilian).  We seem to be having a hard time finding the right rental place due to competition on the market.  Would you be kind enough to share this request with your community at your earliest convenience and please pass it along by word of mouth if you know folks who have a space to rent.  We are looking for minimum 6 months agreement to approximately 1 year as we get settled.  3 bedrooms please and at least 1.5 bathrooms.  Location should be not more than a 25 minute drive to reach Parris Island.  email communication is best or What’s app.  Thank you.  P.S.  I have an excellent credit rating/score and rental history for the past several years.

Jeff Pagliaroli          pags13@gmail.com

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