Woman’s Life/Kids Life!

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Phone Number (843) 812-1828
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Hey CBC Ladies,
If you attended Woman’s Life last year on Weds. and brought your sweet kids, I am sure you noticed what a great team of volunteers we had teaching and caring for your children.
If you would like more info about how you can get involved in helping with the children, feel free to email or text me (843-812-1828). Even better we are having a planning meeting next Thursday, July 27 at 6 pm and you are invited to join us if you are seriously contemplating helping with the KidsLife ministry. Contact me for more info. We will need a few teachers and assistants and possibly someone to help us with planning activities for the preschoolers. Thanks for your consideration. One thing to remember: this is a complementary program to our Woman’s Life ministry especially for the kids who are attending with their moms. So, consider what a joy and privilege we have to serve these kids while their moms are listening to Mrs. Audrey share truth from God’s Word on biblical mothering and womanhood. Hope to hear from you soon.
Evelyn Owens

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