Mother/Daughter Bible Study on Friendship

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Mother/Daughter Bible Study on Friendship Invite! ❤ ❤ ❤

With the school year approaching and our activities picking back up soon – I’m thinking a lot about friendship and how that is hard enough for us as women but even more for our daughters who are navigating girl drama, emotions and trying to figure themselves out and their relationships with others. Then this entered my inbox and God put the idea on my heart to host a study that we could walk through together.


What: Mother/Daughter Bible Study using Lisa-Jo Baker’s guide We Saved You a Seat

Who: Moms and their daughters ages 11-14 {the teen book says it is designed for ages 12-18 but with an 11 year old, I don’t want to leave her out and the age range seems a bit large for our small group} This study will be limited to six moms and their daughters.

When: Friday evenings at 7pm starting August 4th – study runs for 7 weeks and I hope we can have a fellowship/social the last week so I’m planning on 8 weeks which will have us ending on September 25

Where: my house!

There are both mom/teen study books which I’m willing to order – just let me know what combo of books you’d like and I’ll have them here by August 4th! To sign up – just send me an email and let me know who will be coming and how many books you need. I’ve saved you a seat friend ❤

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