CBCCA …changes and updates!

Dear CBCCA members (and prospective members). I realize some are just wrapping up the school year, wishing they were wrapping up the school year or looking forward to the next school year whether it is your first or there are too many to count!

UPDATES: The application for the 18-19 school year is now available on the blog:  https://cbccahomeschooling.com/frequently-asked-questions/application-requirements/ or at the reception desk. Please remember to have it notarized. I am able to notarize, which requires that I witness your signature. The fee remains the same, which is $30.00 per family; this is payable by check, cash, card (online or in person) You do not have to wait for the mandatory meeting to turn it in, you can bring it in any time from this point forward.

CHANGES: The meetings/fellowships will now take place on the SECOND TUESDAY of the month, usually. I say usually because we find that having a flexible schedule is to your advantage…last year was an example. We had a special family event, and the World Mission conference, both on different dates/times which you were able to count toward your meeting attendance. Also the meeting held at 4:00 was very popular so one or more meetings will reflect that time.

The calendar of report due dates and meeting dates has been updated as well. Please note the first mandatory meeting is SEPT. 11th at 7:00pm.

I hope you find this information helpful and have a wonderful, restful summer.

PS I am working on updating the handbook so that it will be more useful.


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