Curriculum for sale

Please reply to the person posting not in the comment section.

The following curriculum for sale: email if interested Cindy Smith ,

(Also, some FREE stuff in resource room.)
TEACHING TEXTBOOKS ALGEBRA 2-(1st ed) :Spiral Teaching Textbook, Lecture/Practice CDs, Solutions CD, Answer Key and Test Book, Test Solutions CD.  $50
SAXON ALGEBRA 1 -(3rd ed): Hardback Text, Test Solutions/Answer Booklet, Solutions Manual.  $45.   Also have  DIVE CD to accompany this-$20
EXPLORING CREATION WITH CHEMISTRY( 2nd ed.)  Textbook and Solutions/Test Book . $30
A BEKA BUSINESS MATHEMATICS-  (2nd ed.) – Book and Work-Text, Test/Quiz Booklet, Teacher Key Booklet, Solutions Booklet .  $40
THE HISTORY OF THE MEDIEVAL WORLD by Susan Wise Bauer- (hardcover).  $10
1215 The YEAR of MAGNA CARTA By Danny Danziger- hardback. $8
A HISTORY OF US- Reconstructing America (1865-1890)
LITERATURE: An Introduction to Reading and Writing by Roberts and Zweig (10th ed). $10
The NORTON ANTHOLOGY/English Literature- The Major Authors (8th ed. ) Vol 2- $10
ART, A Brief History (Marilyn Stockstad-3rd ed). $10
The WEST (Levack,Muir,Veldman) Vol 2, (4th ed)- $10

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