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My name is Jeanah Vernoy and I will be teaching group piano lessons for CBC’s School of Music on Wednesday afternoons starting August 29. Students must be Community Bible Church members (not necessarily CBCCA members), at least 8 years old, and have a working keyboard to practice on at home during the week. Tuition will always be $40 per month (charge includes four 50-minute classes per month) and due the first Wednesday of each month. If there are less than four weeks of classes in a particular month you are not charged when there is a fifth lesson in a different month. The sibling discount is $40 for the first sibling and $32 for any other siblings taking piano. So, if you have three students taking piano it would be $40 + $32 + $32. In addition to the first month’s payment, you will need to purchase the book from me. There are two books for the year, but you will only need to buy the first one from me to start and then the second one when we get into it later in the year. The book is $11, and it would be best that each sibling have his own book. They will also need to bring a notebook to record their weekly assignments. Please contact me by email at laragirljlv@gmail.com to register your student or ask any additional questions.
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