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Hey Everyone,
Woman’s Life/KidsLife will be gearing up in Sept. This year we have a little change in the schedule. Before Christmas we will meet Sept. 19, 26, and Oct. 3 and 10. We will meet again after new year starting on Jan. 16, 2019 for 5 consecutive weeks.
Students can participate in the Contenders of the Faith program for boys K-6th grade and Keepers of the Faith for girls K-8th grade. Older boys in 7th to 12th grade will be offered an introductory science lab class and a current events class. Girls in grade 9 may opt to attend the Keepers of the Faith program, help with little ones or attend the ladies program. Girls, 10th grade and older, may join the ladies for teaching, fellowship and small group with Mrs. Charlotte Cushman. If questions, feel free to email me cbcevelyn@gmail.com
Be sure and register as soon as you know your fall plans. Hope all can attend.
Great news too for those of us serving in the program. Woman’s Life at night will start on the following Tuesday after the day sessions end. So night life starts on Oct. 16 which gives us the opportunity to invite and attend with ladies who cannot attend the day sessions. Start praying about a special friend you can invite to either program, pray for God’s leading and watch Him work in the lives of others. What a blessing to be a part of a church where God’s Word is taught so truthfully and completely!
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