October 9th CBCCA Fellowship

Just a reminder that the next CBCCA fellowship will be held NEXT Tuesday, October 9th at 4:00pm in room 102. Back by popular demand (wink, wink)  will be a discussion on transcripts; what they are, how to do them etc. I will be leading the meeting. If you have any other report or jr/sr high related questions you would like addressed at the meeting, please email them I and will answer them, time permitted.

Also, a heads up; our November fellowship (Nov 13 @ 7:00pm) will be for couples-led by Josh and Denise Stone, they will be encouraging your marriage especially as it relates to your home school journey…..so get your baby sitter lined up now!


(And yes, we will be having a fellowship that will encourage moms who have younger children too………..)

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