Kindergarten graduation

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Hello all! This is Theresa Osborne. I will be heading the kindergarten graduation this year. I am trying to get a head count of all CBC members who wish their kindergartner to participate. Whether you are certain or undecided please email or text me the following:

-your name,
-phone number,
-your student’s name (as you would like it to appear on their diploma)
-and either “definitely” or “undecided”
-your preferred date of either May 10, or May 17 (and whether either of these dates already conflicts with your schedule)

as soon as possible that would help us secure the things necessary to making this graduation the smooth and exciting experience it should be.

I will continue to accept CBC members for graduation until December 15th but if you want to voice on the date I need your response by this Friday, November 2, 2018!

Thank you for your cooperation!
Thank you.

If you already responded to the first announcement, I have sent you a separate email and you do not need to provide this information.

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