Meals for Pineda Family

Dear friends,
Veronica Pineda went in for surgery on Wednesday as a first step in efforts to repair her esophagus that has deteriorated due to her Lupus.  I’ve set up a meal schedule so we can help her husband, Eddie, out by providing a few meals over the next few weeks. They have 2 children (teen and preteen). All the days do not have to be filled in, but I wanted to leave them open to give everyone flexibility.  There are no allergies or dietary restrictions.  Please refer to the meal schedule with specific instructions for dropping off the meals.  If you are able to provide a mea to this wonderful family, please sign up below.  Thank you all in advance for serving the Pineda family while Veronica recovers from having major surgery!
Amanda Hollingsworth
Last name: Pineda
Password: Pineda
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