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CBC CO-OP / September 2019 – May 2020

After some prayer, thought, and feedback we are happy to announce the official plan of the CBC CO-OP. Please see the changes below, as this plan is very different from original idea.
First, the Co-op will be on Tuesday mornings from 9:30-noon with the option of sharing lunch and fellowship together from noon-1:00.
Secondly, although it will be a strong classical morning, you will NOT need to buy any curriculum for this Language Arts program. You will continue with whatever homeschool material you use. This day will be a supplemental “add on” for the following subjects: Literature, Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Art, and Geography.
We will be gathering material from a few different classical style curriculums. The classes will remain:
• K/1
• 2
• 3/4
• 5/6
• 7/8
• 9/12 with science lab included

We hope this morning will be a fun time to learn and be challenged alongside peers. That the children will come away with a better comprehension of good classic literature, expand their vocabulary, become strong, creative writers, become confident in public speaking, develop a new appreciation for art, and have fun learning about this beautiful world created by our King and Savior.
Please stop into the Fellowship Hall- Monday, May 6th between the hours of 5:30 and 8:00 to get questions answered and sign up your family for the new school year.
We look forward to beginning a co-op at CBC where we can have fun and support one another at the same time.
If you cannot make May 6th to sign up – please contact one of us if you are interested. Thanks for your interest and patience while we worked through the kinks. We hope this will prove to be a very successful support to you.

Becky Fondelier –
Evelyn Owens –
Tracy Behrens—843-227-0300

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