Progress Reports and Transcripts were due for all students, K-11th grade on or before June 15th. Families who were not done school by that date, were to email me with an estimated finish date. 

There are still quite a few  incomplete files- and I have only received emails from a handful of people. 

A completed file means I have a progress report (ALL GRADES K-12) that includes total number of school days (must be 180). TRANSCRIPT for grades 9-12. A sample of work for each subject. A copy of testing results (3rd grade and up) And a statement saying your student has been promoted to the next grade. Students who have taken the SAT and have had reports sent to CBCCA do not need to include a copy.

Please have reports in NO LATER THEN JULY 19th. Anyone not meeting this deadline (or asking for an extension) will be considered on probationary status for the upcoming  school year.

Thanks for your help and understanding with this!




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