TCL Books for sale

Name * Amelia Owens
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Phone Number (843) 812-2425
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I have some books I used at TCL over the past year if anyone is interested in them.

Math 155 and Math 120
(practically brand new)
$45 for 155 book. $80 for 120 book.

Biology 112
(in good condition, some writing in the lab book)
$80 for the 2 lab and lecture books.

Music 105
(minimum highlights throughout, other than that it’s brand new, never left my desk all summer and 2019 edition)

I also have the History 102 online access code if anyone needs it.
I bought it for $100ish and didn’t even need it.
(I took it in-class, but if you’re taking it online you will definitely need it.)

Text/email me for pictures etc.

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