Communicators for Christ Conference

We are just two weeks from Communicators for Christ Conference in Columbia. We just finished in Louisiana.

All I can say is WOW!! This one is a don’t MISS!

The student and adult tracks align around the 5C’s (communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and cultural intelligence) all wrapped up by competence, character, and connection. Watch this :


Smiling faces of student instructors at the Gonzales, LA. CFC Conference Sept 13-14,2019


Here’s are some of the comments we heard:

“This is like a piece of heaven (community)!”  “This place is different! I had real conversations here.”

Transformation experiences are happening!

The student who resisted every activity on Friday was helping her track create a presentation on Saturday.

The student who clung to his dad’s hand was speaking in the closing program.

The student who had trouble connecting in his community because of a toxic culture found a place of belonging and connection.

The mom who said she felt such a gap in her life and a longing for community found it.

Students who learned new skills on Friday applied them all to create a presentation together.

Y’all, people drove 4 & 7 hours to get here and they were SO glad they came. Who can you call and help them join us! Don’t miss the Communicators For Christ Conference in Columbia, October 4 & 5th!

Join One Voice & Go Forth chapters and register here! This an incredible value! Question contact Dede Ruff 803-404-0656 E.

Julie Rambo

Go Forth

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Southeast Student Liaison

Institute for Cultural Communicators

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