March 10th Fellowship!

We will be offering parents two choices on Tuesday evening!


  1. Reading Good Books With Our Kids

Led by Zoe Howard, she says: My goal is to encourage parents to embrace good books as a way of teaching discernment, to broaden our kids’ horizons, and to spark a love of learning in them. I’ll share some ways to find great books and to help our kids choose well. We’ll explore the benefits of reading a wide variety of genres with our kids.

Questions we’ll discuss:

-Does it really matter what books my kids are reading, as long as they are reading a lot? My kid loves to read, but I don’t know where to find good books. How can I help my kids to choose wisely? Should I pre-read everything before I give it to my kids? My kid hates reading, what can I do? How can I use the public library more? My kid only wants to read science fact books, how can I get him to read stories/literature? I don’t enjoy reading aloud and my kids don’t want to listen anyway, what to do? What about books that have bad language/sinful choices/etc? I need some book recommendations!

2. Dual Enrollment with Point University

JANICE TINSLEY​-ENROLLMENT SERVICES COORDINATOR, SAVANNAH Educating students for Christ‑centered service and leadership throughout the world.”  She is asking parents to “please consider as our program is pivotal for Christian students being in a Christian college class room experience, as opposed to a secular environment locally.” This should be of great interest to any parents of a high school student!

She will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Consider inviting other parents of teens who may not be homeschooled with CBCCA, they are encouraged to attend.



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