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See below a message from my neighbor. They are looking for a good home for their cat. We have a female cat, not breed specific, that we are hoping to give to a loving home. Harle was owned by my mother Debby Thomas, who recently passed away. Harle is an indoor cat, we think about four years old, spayed, up-to-date on all her vet visits (Mark Guilloid) and shots, and litter box trained. Her best friends, while my mother was alive, were both my mother and her German Shepherd Dog. Harle has also been trained not to bother a cockatiel (who lives in a cage.). If you would like to add this delightful cat to your home, we would love to talk with you. Time is of the essence, so please let us know as soon as possible if you might be interested. (Neither Lauren nor I live in South Carolina and we will be returning to our homes on or about March 9 or 10).

Lauren Kohn
(720) 252-3023

Katie Knudson

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