Last fellowship of the year-April 11th

Dear CBCCA Parents, thank you to all who came to the fellowship last night. The CBCCA staff puts a lot of time and effort in to bringing content that we feel will encourage you in your homeschool journey.  Not to mention the preparation of those who offer that encouragement.

This time of year I get phone calls as to how many meetings you have attended. About one third of you have attended the required 3 meetings. About one third have attended 2 meetings and the remaining one third have only attended one, or none.

I just want to remind you that when you filled out the application, you committed to attending the required 3 meetings; I don’t see this as a commitment to me or CBCCA but to our heavenly Father. We want to be gracious and flexible, but failure to attend these required meetings could put your next application to CBCCA in jeopardy.

Having said that I look forward to a record turn out at our last Fellowship of the year on April 11th!

Blessings, Claudia

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