From HSLDA….

And remember “Be ye kind” if you have the opportunity to share!


Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

Homeschoolers have a unique opportunity to help families, educators and students as schools close around the country.

This is an unprecedented moment in our country’s history. We can help our fellow moms and dads face this challenge by sharing our expertise and experience with learning at home.

HSLDA is joining our friends at yes. every kid. to launch a new Facebook group. #LearnEverywhere is a community for families, parents, educators and students who are having to change their education routines due to the coronavirus.

Join the group, share how you teach your kids at home and post a link to your favorite learning resources.

As we know, education isn’t a place, it’s an experience that can happen anywhere.Rather than be defined by this crisis, we can create a lasting community to help everyone learn everywhere!


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