CBCCA Cross Country

Name * Jason Behrens

Email * cbccaxc@communitybiblechurch.us

If you are a CBCCA member and you have a 5th-12th grader who would like to join the CBCCA Cross Country team OR if you have a returning runner, please email the athlete(s)’ name, age, grade, and the email address you want us to use for the BAND app. The BAND app is what we will be using for communication this year and we will send an invite to our group to the email address you provide.

We will begin having practice next month. Please make sure your athlete is running now (3-5 miles would be awesome) and hydrating with lots of water. If they have never run before or have been a couch potato since the end of school have them start easy (but start now) so they don’t injure themselves. Races will begin in August, and the season will run through October.

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