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We need to free up shelving space! I have Chalk Dust Basic Math (text, solutions manual, instructional dvd’s); Algebra I (text, solutions manual, and 10 instructional dvd’s); Chalk Dust Algebra II (text, solutions manual, instructional dvd’s); Chalk Dust Geometry (text, solutions manual, instructional dvd’s)- all $25 each. It’s an excellent, traditional math curriculum. All great condition with no writing.

I also have Apologia Sciences available- General Science (text, My Father’s World lesson plans, and multi-media companion cd). $15
Chemistry (2 sets available)- 1) text, solutions/test manual, MFW lesson plans, multi-media companion cd $20 2) text, solutions/test manual $15

Easy Grammar grade 5- Teacher’s guide, student workbook, and student test book- no writing, great condition. $12

Thanks so much! Let me know if you have any questions or need photos.

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